How To Apply Nail Polish

Applying Nail Polish

Women wear traditionally Nail polish. Nail remover is very useful, it is not only wipes off old shade of nail polish, but give the strength and make the new shade coat stay for long term period.

Firstly, apply thin coat of nail polish on nails and leave them for drying and after this apply other coat on them.

Do not apply thick coat of nail polish, always use one by one application of nail polish.

Because of a single coat of polish can dry sooner and lasts for long term period.

It is the best methods to give strength and prevent nails from dryness by using remover and then apply nail polish.

One should apply nail polish at least one or two times per week. Girls and women should remember the following tips while applying nail polish:
Applying Nail Polish traditionally Nail polish traditionally Nail polish traditionally Nail polish

* One uses a white nail pencil for lining the nail tip for the flawless French Manicure. Avoid use of white nail polish.

* Keep in mind, do hand massage weekly for pampering and improve nail growth and increase circulation of blood in hands.

* One should submerge the fresh painted nails in full bowl of ice-cold water for about half hour to make the chip-resistant nail enamels for long term period.

* Sometimes, one may get away with clean nails underneath and rub all nails on the buffing cream and after this for getting healthy and natural shine use chamois buffer.

* Keep in mind, do not use filer to file the corner of nails because, it can become weak.

* Get funky and fashionable by using solid color for nails and leave them for dryness. After this, use toothpicks for making diagonal lines across the nails in many colors.

* Use metallic glints for hot dates or club night outs. One can easily use nail tattoos, nail piercing and embellishments for nails makeup.

* Use sparkle or a single coat of gloss on nails, which are very dry for glitter and shimmer. One can use silver glitter for looking good on black and dark blue shades during gold glitter with red color.

Nail Polish technique

The best method for applying nail polish is in three strokes such as one down the each side and one down the middle. If one makes some mistake, does not loose the heart, and make sure about remover to remove old nails color and use cotton buds while applying nail polish.

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