Perfectly Polished Tips 24 - Color Club Glitter Vixen

Color Club released this fun collection of seven glitters for all. These were a little bit of a pain to apply. One coat is too sparse and three coats is very thick and even a little goopy. I also swatched them over Lippmann's Fade to Black, and I prefer them over black to them on their own. However I am not as big of a glitter lover as some people are. In my pictures I used no top coat or base coat. I have read in other reviews that it took several coats of top coat to make the glitter smooth. I have Magic Attraction on my toes and it was good to go after one coat of Oh So Wet. I guess it depends on how you like your glitter. Anyways on to the pictures...1 coat of glitter over 1 coat of black and on their own they are 3 coats each.

Sex Symbol is pure silver bling. As I said before I like it layered better.

Tru Passion is a lovely light purple and my personal favorite of the bunch. Object of Envy is green and I know a lot of people have been waiting for it. It reminds me of Christmas time.

Sultry Diva is the gold shade of the bunch, it's not too yellow which I usually find to be a problem, however I still don't think it looks great on me. Magic Attraction is my 2nd favorite. I love the rainbow glitter in it.
Sexy Siren is a beautiful light blue and possibly another favorite. Last but not least is Art of Seduction, another red glitter. I'm not sure how it compares to China Glaze's Ruby Pumps because I don't have it but it looks very similar to Color Club Ruby Slippers, I will compare them another day.

Glitter Vixen can be found at I also want to mention that I am not affiliated with and of the etailers that I mention here. I'm just a very happy customer! I hope every one is enjoying the holiday weekend!

Perfectly Polished Tips 23 - China Glaze Operation Color

Operation Color Fall 2008
Agent Lavender - soft lavender creme
Secret Peri-Wink-Le - periwinkle/blue creme
Pink Underground - bright light pink with a slight iridescence
Golden Opportunity - warm marigold shimmer
Code Orange - pumpkin orange with a slight shimmer
Revolution - tomato red creme

You can check out swatches over at The Polish Addict. I will have some new pictures up soon! I have new Color Clubs to share with you as well as Lippmann's fall collection. So check back soon.

China Glaze's Operation Color can be found at

Perfectly Polished Tips 22 - NOTD Zoya Audrina

I had a very hard time photographing this color. Although the picture is blurry it's pretty true to life. It might be slightly more purple. It is a pastle-y neon which is a strange combo but I like it. Audrina is apart of Zoya's Gossip collection. I have been lemming the entire collection and a MUA'er was sweet enough to send me Audrina and Lo. I have yet to use Lo though. My bottle of Audrina was slightly thick but not unmanagable and applied pretty well. It was a one coater which surprised me. Usually with Zoya polishes I always use at least Anchor base coat however I am always plagued with bubbles. For this mani I used no base coat and INM Out the Door as a top coat. I am bubble free. It did dry slightly matte but that didn't really bother me. I am actually impressed because usually with Zoya polishes I have chips almost instantly. It doesn't matter if I use Zoya's base coat and top coat or not. I did this mani last night and have since showered, done 2 loads of dishes and gave my son a bath and I have no chips or tip ware. That makes me very happy. I love the unique colors that Zoya puts out but I usually will only wear them when I know I will have time to change my mani the next day. I hope this new trend is consistant with the rest of the newer collections.

Perfectly Polished Tips 21 - Color Club Fall

I received the new fall Collections from Color Club today sadly my camera batteries are dead! I will have them replaced and have (at least) bottle shots up either tonight or tomorrow.

This fall Color Club has released

Dance to the Musique
Glitter Vixen

both which have been mentioned previously in my blog and two collections of minis:

Teenie Halloweenies - French Tip (white), Silver Glitter, Orange Revenge (neon orange), and Black this will be available August 1st

Jingle Bling - R-L Sliver Glitter, Ruby Slippers, Brrr-Red (dark red creme), Cadillac Red (red creme) this will be available September 1st

Perfectly Polished Tips 20 - Misa Neons Swatches & Bottle Shots

The amazing Love8Brain from MUA has ever so kindly allowed me to post her pictures of the Misa Neon Collection. Up first bottle shots, Eve's post with these pictures can be found here.

Hot People Like You, Let's Go Green, Pour Me Something Tall & Strong

Six Pack Summer, A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild

Bikini With A Martini, Lather Rinse Repeat, Happy Happy

Sandals Flip Flops and Hip Hop, Girls Night Out, Ready Set Sunshine

Now swatches- These are 2-3 coats over Milani Soft White, you can check out Eve's posts for more information & more pictures. She said that most of these have a jelly finish which is exciting.

Pour Me Something Tall & Strong
this post can be found here.

Hot People Like You
this post can be found here.

Girls Night Out
this post can be found here.

Bikini With A Martini
this post can be found here.

I will add more swatches when Eve does. Again thanks so much to Eve for allowing me to share her photos! Swatches of the greens and yellows can be found over at The NailPhile.

Perfectly Polished Tips 19 - New OPI Designer Series

OPI has come out with 9 new Designer Series polishes for fall. I couldn't find any pictures but you can see an ad at The colors include:

Coronation: silvery platinum crowned with diamond dazzle
Extravagance: glittering, glamorous magenta
Reserve: a shimmer of vintage pink
Opulence: magnificent mauve drenched in diamonds
Tapestry: dazzling deep rose
Reflection: rich, glowing ruby
Classic: an elegant shimmer of golden beige
Limited: glistening, glimmering warm peach
Illuminate: a brilliant sparkle of rich, burnished gold

They look/sound like repeats of past DS polishes. I'll need to see them IRL before I decide if I love them or not.

Perfectly Polished Tips 18 - Misa Neons Part Two

Six Pack Summer

Girls Night Out

Happy Happy (or A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild)

I am completely guessing on the pinks. Please feel free to comment if you know which are which.

Bikini With A Martini

Sandals, Flip Flops & Hip Hop

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Hot People Like You

Perfectly Polished Tips 17 - Misa Neons Part One

Misa has sent me some images that I would like to share. This is their spring/summer collection. I was only sent images not names, so please forgive me if they are labeled incorrectly. I'm going by what has them labeled as. UPDATE*** These polishes are going to be apart of the core collection and available year round.

A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild (or it could be Happy Happy)

Ready, Set, Sunshine

The Grass Is Greener On My Side

Let's Go Green

Pour Me Something Tall & Strong

It's a little late for neons but the names are clever.

Perfectly Polished Tips 16 - Color Club's Fall Collection

Color Club has come out with three new collections for fall. First up we have Dance to the Musique.

(L-R) Feel the Beat, Velvet Rope, Slow Jam, Electronica, Groove Thang, After Hours

Next we have Glitter Vixen. This is the collection that seems to have everyone (myself included) excited.

(L-R) Magic Attraction, Art of Seduction, Tru Passion, Sexy Siren, Object of Envy, Sultry Diva, Sex Symbol

Last but not least we have One & Done. These are eco-conscious one use bottles of polish. I don't know if they are new colors or not though.

You can find out more about Color Club here. These polishes (minus the One & Done collection) can be purchased at and

I should have these pretties early next week so I will have swatches up as soon as I am able to.

Perfectly Polished Tips 15 - OPI La Collection De France You Don't Know Jacques

To be completely honest I am not impressed with OPI's La Collection De France collection. I feel like the last few collections they have put out haven't been great. I purchased three polishes from this collection; You Don't Know Jacques, Louvre Me..Louvre Me Not, and Yes I Can-Can. Jacques is definitely the stand out one of the three. Swatches of the rest can be found on Scrangie's Beauty Blog if you are interested.

You Don't Know Jacques is a muddy grey, maybe taupe color with a creme finish. The first coat leaned a lot more towards a light brown on me and that is when I almost didn't finish the mani. The second coat was more like the bottle color. I was thrilled with the application, after OPI's India and Mod Brights I was worried about how it was going to go. My bottle applied like a dream, no clumps, no streaks, and best of all no wonky brushes. I am not a pro wide brush lover however I really didn't mind it since the formula consistency was so nice. The pictures below are 2 coats of YDKJ as well as a base coat and a top coat.

Direct Sunlight

Artificial Lighting.

I kinda like this color but I'm not sure how I like it on me. Sometimes it looks grey and other times slightly brown. I guess OPI might have worked out some of their formula kinks. It's about time!

Perfectly Polished Tips 14 - Misa Summer Neon Collection

While everyone was going crazy over Misa Poisoned Passion they quietly released a neon summer collection. I don't know much about the collection and haven't heard back from Misa yet but you can check out the collection here - Just scroll down to Misa. When I know more, I'll let you know.

Perfectly Polished Tips 13 - Neons!

Summer isn't over yet!! I know everyone is excited for the fall collections but I'm still holding on to my brights and neons. Of course the sun went in as soon as I started to swatch so, I was only able to get 1 shot of the polishes on my nails. The rest are bottle pictures. If anyone wants I can do other on the nail comparisons. Feel free to ask!

Color Club Power Play (pointer & middle) vs Butter London Bezzie Mate (ring & pinkie). Both apply wonderfully, the CC leaves a visible polish line though but lasts longer wear wise than the Butter London. There is the slightest difference in color here, most likely only a polish head would notice.

Butter London Bezzie Mate vs Color Club Power Play

Butter London Portobello Pink vs Color Club Screamin Fuchsia. The CC is a little bit brighter but again the BL wins for coverage.

Butter London Dolly Bird vs Butter London Portobello Pink. Dolly Bird reminds me of OPI Strawberry Margarita. There is such a slight difference in color, Dolly Bird is a bit darker. I couldn't really see "needing" both.

Color Club Screamin Fuchsia vs Color Club Electric Coral. EC is more orangey IRL. My camera isn't the greatest.

(L-R) Butter London Dolly Bird, Color Club Screamin Fuchsia, Color Club Electric Coral, Butter London Portobello Pink. This picture makes it look like 3 of them are the same which is why I did side by side comparisons as well.

I love neons and I love pinks. I have to say that even though the Color Clubs leave a visible polish line (VPL) that they last much longer. I've found that by the end of the 2nd day I always have chips with Butter London. For the price Color Clubs are a steal and have a much better selection of colors.

Perfectly Polished Tips 12 - Recent NOTD Photos

I'm a little rusty with my photo taking skills. Here are my 3 most recent nail of the days. All are two coats as well as a base coat and top coat.

Lippmann Collection Hit Me With Your Best Shot - indoor lighting.

CND Blue Blood - Sunlight

Butter London Bezzie Mate - Sunlight

Trying out yet another water mark. I know photo stealing goes on but it's such a pain to have to edit all the pictures. I have more neons to post and I got some polishes from the new fall collections. Swatches will be up soon, I have to be a good girl and register for college courses tomorrow so as soon as that is done I will swatch!

Perfectly Polished Tips 11 - Nail Life Drying Drops

Nail Life Aromatherapy Drop On Drying Drops..what a mouth full. I picked these up today after learning that my beloved Qtica ones spilled during travel. I am very impressed with these drops. Before reviewing them I figured that I had to really put them to the test. I used them with a CND nail polish. Now CND is notoriously known for taking forever to dry. These Nail Life drops had my nails completely dry in under 5 minutes. I also used INM Out the Door top coat before applying the drops.

As for the aromatherapy, my drops smelled fruity. Almost like candy. I was confused because when I hear aromatherapy I think of the traditional scents like lavender. To me the smell was not strong and it was gone with in a couple of minutes. The drops also double as a moisturizer which I thought was pretty cool. However they left a residue on my nails and on my finger tips. Not like a greasy one but just the feeling of something left over.

Overall I am very happy with these drops. They can be found at Sally Beauty and retail for $6.99 or $5.99 if you have a Sally's card.

I have some neon swatches & bottle pictures. I just don't have any photo editing software at the moment so I'm not sure if I am going to put them up un-water marked or not.

Perfectly Polished Tips 10 - Small Delay

Due to a minor eye injury I didn't get to swatch today like I planned. However I have some fall polishes on their way to me. So expect swatches soon! I hope you all had a great weekend. My eye is okay too.

Oh, I would also like to report that my Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot mani lasted 8 days before chipping. That is pretty awesome.

Perfectly Polished Tips 09 - Peak at OPI Holiday 2008: Holiday in Toyland

I didn't have a chance to get the Lippmann pictures up and I'm headed out of town for the weekend. So I leave you with a promo picture and PDF of OPI's Holiday Collection. This year's theme is Holiday in Toyland.

Check out this link for more info, products, and better pictures.

There is a blue which I am always excited about. I had to redo my stash spread sheet last night and I saw that I had waaaaay to many reds, all almost identical so I'm probably going to pass on them. Which colors if any are you excited about from the collection?

Have a great weekend!

Perfectly Polished Tips 08 - My Current NOTD

My current nail color of the day or NOTD is Lippmann Collection Hit Me With Your Best Shot. I've owned this polish for a few months now but was too afraid to try it out. I polished my nails with it on Sunday and was surprised to find that I loved it. It's a nice gun metal gray with a hint of blue shimmer. I'm pretty pale even now that it's summer and this polish didn't wash me out or anything. It's not too harsh for summer either, not that I usually worry about the season. The application was great, the only thing is that the brush is a little bit short so it can be hard to maneuver with. I did two coats just out of habit. You could probably get away with one if you did it a bit thick. I am on day five of my current manicure and I have one tiny chip. I usually don't wear a color for this long but because I just moved and am still unpacking and learning my way around my new town I haven't had the time or energy to change. I am amazed with the staying power and have a new found love for Lippmann polishes. The only thing I don't like about them is that they retail for $15. I would own more if it weren't for that. These polishes can be found at

I took pictures of my mani a couple of nights ago, I need to upload them to my computer. I will try to have them up tonight.

Perfectly Polished Tips 07 - Products That Saved My Nails

Up until July of 2007 I had fake nails on and off for about 5 or 6 years. I was a biter and would bite my nails down so low that they would be sore for days and often bleeding. I thought that the acrylic nails were helping me, when really I was just severely damaging my real nails. I am proud to say that I have not gone back to the fakes however after a year and one month of being bite free I slipped! I blame a 1,000 mile move and 3 weeks with the in laws for it! It was really frustrating at first because my nails were full of ridges and were very thin and weak. They looked terrible painted and every time they would grow to a decent length I would get a break all the way to the quick. It took about 9 months for all of the damage to grow out and now my nails are stronger than ever, they were long too until I bit them off. Keeping the polished really helps me take my mind off biting and it's something I really enjoy doing.

I used two products, Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy and Essie Millionails. Both products are designed to help strengthen and repair your nails. They have similar instructions recommending that you apply it every other day, and at the end of the week remove it and begin again. I used the products as a base coat as well as a top coat. These products do NOT work with a quick dry top coat. If you are impatient I recommend CND Dry 'N' Shine. I was not consistent with my usage of these but I still found them to be highly effective.

You can learn more about Nail Tek products at
You can find Essie at

Pefectly Polished Tips 06 - Water Marks & China Glaze

It seems as if I deleted all the original copies of past nail of the day photos and any swatching I had done. So here is one photo with a practice water mark and a few old ones that are tagged with my makeup alley screen name. These are slightly older so please excuse the application and messy cuticles.

China Glaze In The Mood - Blue to Purple

I am placing an order for some of the fall collections tonight so next week I will have some OPI France and China Glaze Rodeo pictures up!

Perfectly Polished Tips 05 - My Manicure Routine

I shared a couple of my favorite products so now I will share how I do my manicures. I'll do a separate post for pedicures because I have a ton of favorite products for that too.

1. I start off by filing my nails if needed, I found that doing it while I still have the old nail polish on helps me keep them neat and evenly shaped.

2. I remove the old polish using the pink Beauty Secrets remover and felt, which I usually purchase at Walmart in the craft section.

3. At this point I buff lightly if needed and push back my cuticles using an orange wood stick.

4. When I have it available I like to swipe my nails with Zoya Remove before I begin polishing.

5. I begin with a base coat, depending on the color of the polish I sometimes use a ridge filler, my favorites are Essie Ridge Filler and Orly Ridge Filler. I've also heard great things about Seche's ridge filler as well. If I choose not to use a ridge filler my favorite base coat is Orly Bonder. Some have reported staining so you might want to pair it with a ridge filler or something like Nail Tek.

6. Next is color, I apply 2-3 coats depending on the polish. My favorite brands include OPI, Misa, China Glaze, Lippmann, Orly, and Zoya. I love others too though. I try to clean up as I go with an orange wood stick, usually though I do my manis and night and just clean off the extras in the shower the next morning.

7. Some people like to make sandwiches with their base coat, which just means adding another coat of your chosen base coat on top of the color. Or you can just use a regular top coat. I like quick dry top coats. Seche Vite used to be my go too, but it gets goopy quick and causes a lot of shrinkage. I've found that if I apply a top coat like Orly Glosser before SV the shrinkage is not as bad. Other quick dry top coats I have tried and liked were INM Out the Door and Oh So Wet.

8. I like to top my mani off with quick dry drops and usually use Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator.

Ultimately you have to play around with products and see what works best for you. There are so many other base coats, top coats, and treatments out there. I just wanted to share what I use and love.

The products I listed here can be found at Sally Beauty,,,, and

Perfectly Polished Tips 04 - LUSH Lemony Flutter

My manicure routine would be incomplete with out this product. It moisturizes like no other cuticle cream or balm I've ever used before. This product contains a mixture of beeswax, shea butter, avocado oil, and a fresh lemon scent among other things. It has a nice texture, it does not stay greasy or slimy. A little bit definitely goes a long way. At first I could not stand the smell, it reminded me of my son's diaper rash cream. After a few tries though the smell didn't bother me, and I found that it did not linger, especially if you followed it up with your favorite hand lotion.

LUSH Lemony Flutter can be found on

A few of my other favorite cuticle products include:
Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Creme.
Seche Soft Cuticle Softener
CND Solar Balm

For removal I like Orly Cutique, which works as a cuticle remover and nail stain remover in one.