Perfectly Polished Tips 40 - Icy Cold NOTDs

With fall quickly approaching everyone seems to be all about the dark and vampy colors. I wanted to share a couple of light colors that I love for fall (or anytime really). I apologize that they have my MUA tag on them, but the originals are no where to be found

Nicole Pinkerbell - this is one polish I never thought I would find. It a beautiful metallic off white with gold tones and very slight pink shimmer. I believe this is 3 coats of polish over 1 coat of ridge filler. This is a favorite neutral polish of mine and I think it's perfect for the cold fall days that are ahead. I have also discovered that MAC Sacred White is basically a dupe of this, although I don't know if that one is hard to find or not.

China Glaze White Kwik Silvr (and a puppy!) - This another fall/winter favorite. It's an icy white with awesome multicolored sparkles. This picture does not do the sparkle justice but it's there. China Glaze is a wonderful brand of polish too. This one also has a polish that is similar. It's a Sinful Colors one, but I cannot recall the name right now. I'll have to look it up.

I have a couple of new things to share but the weather hasn't been cooperative. Hopefully soon the sun comes back and I am able to get some new stuff up!

Also if anyone has requests I would be happy to fulfill them. What do you guys want to see here? You can leave suggestions here in the comments or feel free to email me!