Perfectly Polished Tips 49 - Lemming Boards

Some people like to use lemming wheels to swatch their stash, but some people also don't have access to these lemming wheels/boards. I have yet to find them in real life. I've found them decently priced on ebay. My only problem with them is that my stash changes often. So now I have 11 color wheels filled with colors I no longer own. I went ahead and made a "ghetto" version of a lemming board with card board, fake tips, and glue (tacky glue and nail glue). So now if I decide to toss it I won't think about the time & money spent on shipping. I believe the real lemming wheels are reusable but I would imagine it would be a pain to do. Here is the lemming board I made:

A closer view of the polishes I swatched:

the numbers are revered so 10-1: OPI Blue Moon Lagoon, Hard Candy Sky, ChG Blue Sparrow, Zoya Kotori, Essie Starry Starry Night, NARS Midnight Express Franken, CND Blue Blood, Chanel Blue Satin, ChG Indian Ocean, SpaRitual Surreal

1-10: Chelsea Pyscho Green, CND NFS, OPI Green-wich Village, ChG Shower Together, Teal Franken, ChG For Audrey, ChG DV8, ChG On the Rocks, Pure Ice Heart Breaker