Perfectly Polished Tips 112 - A Gift for the Polish Addict on Your List

Rescue Beauty Lounge is currently offering a library of 47 nail polishes for the holiday season.

"For the girl who THOUGHT she had everything: The Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish Library-Limited Edition. Yes. The works. Forty-Seven gorgeous shades from the palest taupe to a ruby-infused black and of course secret weapon Base Coat Prep, Base Coat and Top Coat. Plus the "sold out before they ever hit the shelves" Bruised (a plummy brown or a brownish plum), the sophisticated blue-green Teal and No More War, a peace-loving olive green."

This retails for $750, which saves you $150. You can check out for more details. Also RBL has free shipping, so even if this deal doesn't appeal to you, now would be the time to make an order!

Sorry I have been MIA! Between the holiday and the end of the semester I've been busy. I have some stuff to share and will be back posting next week. I hope you all had a great holiday & enjoy the weekend!

Perfectly Polished Tips 111 - Free Zoya Nail Polish

Until tomorrow, 11/25 Zoya is giving away a Fall or Winter sampler pack with every purchase of a Color Lock System. Just add the Color Lock System to your cart and type in the code that corresponds to the sampler you would like. It will be automatically added to your order.

For the Vibe Sampler - VIBE (you can see my swatches here)
For the Pulse Sampler - PULSE (you can see my swatches here)
For the Flourish Sampler - FLOURISH (you can see my swatches here)

These codes can be used at and They may not be combined with any other promotions or free gifts. One per order.

This is an awesome deal and perfect for the up coming holidays!

Perfectly Polished Tips 110 - Franken Polish Extravaganza

Before I was able to get my hands on Essie Starry Starry Night I was determined to make my own replica. I went on to make pink and purple versions, but not realizing only certain sparkles worked they were a bust. Last fall NARS had a sale on several of their polishes and I grabbed three. I ended up hating them, the smell, the formula, and I got terrible wear from them. I decided that Midnight Express would make a great base for my SSN dupe. However because I wasn't big on glitter at the time I didn't have much to work with. I used China Glaze Kalidescope Him Out to acheive the glittery goodness of this polish. I believe the Kaliescope collection was recently discontinued, so get them while you still can.

A jelly navy blue with glitter.

I like that the glitter isn't over the top because that's not me.

This concludes my Franken Polish Extravaganza. Mixing polishes is a great way to make to make your self a unique signature color. It's also a good way to (temporarily) satisfy a very very very hard to find lemming.

Perfectly Polished Tips 109 - Franken Polish Extravaganza

A posts back I wrote about how if there was a smokey orange polish, a la Metro Chic and Parlez- vous OPI? that I would wear orange. I attempted to make one and got this:

I used CND Feista as well as a grey franken. I did orange first and then the grey. I then added a bit of Color Club Heart to Heart which is an orange based red.

It's not as brown in real life, think of the Crayola burnt orange crayon. That is one, right?

Any ideas of what to do to improve it? I think I need to add a whole lot more orange. Or does anyone know of an easily accessable smokey orange polish that already exists? I would prefer a creme but I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Perfectly Polished Tips 108 - Franken Polish Extravaganza

For whatever reason my Sally Beauty doesn't have China Glaze Recycle. I've been craving that polish since it was released. My first franken polish was a grey creme but it bubbles like crazy, and unfortunately causes all the polishes I've since mixed it with to bubble as well. I don't have a photograph of it because who wants to look at a bubbled up manicure? Not I. Here is what I did make.

looks much nicer in the bottle, and is bumpy on the nail.

to make this I used CND Voodoo, Essie Below the Belt, BB Couture for Nail Diamond Dust, and Cutex Crocodile. The Cutex has to be an oldie because the chemical stench is almost unbearable.

This is made from CND Voodoo and CQ French White. I apologize for the smudge on my middle finger, I hit it just before taking the photo. This grey is a lot lighter than my first franken.

I didn't test the first one with a base coat but I think it might be wearable. The second is right up my alley but I feel like it might be a little too light.

Perfectly Polished Tips 107 - Franken Polish Extravaganza

Every now and then I get a lemming for a polish that I either cannot find or doesn't exist. When this happens I turn to my stash to see what I can combine. I try to use cheaper polishes or ones I don't love to franken though. Sometimes I will sacrifice (I used some Zulu once) the favorites though. Over the next few days I will be sharing my personal home creations. This polish is probably going to be my NOTWeekend. I already need a break from using up my untrieds.

with flash.

artificial lighting.

To make this polish I combined: China Glaze Shower Together, Color Club Naughtycal Navy, China Glaze Tinsel, and Pure Ice Oh Baby. I don't have exact measurements because I am a messy franken-er. All of the polishes should be very easy to find.

Perfectly Polished Tips 106 - Men Wearing Polish: Goth, Girly, or OK?

Personally I don't think it's normal for a guy to wear colored nail polish, I guess I am more traditional in that sense. I suppose a manicure or pedicure with clear polish is okay. I would love if my husband would agree to have a nice manicure and pedicure. When I see guys, well male celebrities rather wearing nail polish, specifically black polish, I immediately think -You are trying too hard. I don't think it's goth or girly, it just looks out of place. I haven't witnessed a man wearing polish on their toe nails in real life though, I admit I might be intrigued if I did. Which is why I thoroughly enjoyed reading Darren Garnick's article about getting a fish pedicure, complete with leg exfoliation, tacky flip flops, and orange nail polish. You can read that here - My First Fish Pedicure (and why it poses no threat to American nail salon jobs).

I will admit that I am not a huge fan of orange nail polish, but it doesn't get enough love. There are always people sporting neon green, neon blue, and of course neon pink. Never neon orange though. I feel like most people look down upon any color of varnish that it's pink or red. However it seems that dark plums and greys are making their way into the acceptable category this season. When will that happen for orange? For me an orange would have to have a creme finish for sure, maybe if some one made one with that smoky grey tinge that is in currently they would have themselves a winner. I know I would wear it.

What do you think? Should guys wearing nail polish, on their fingers or toes be considered normal? I know there is the ManGlaze brand but their polish is full of glitter, that doesn't scream manly to me. How about orange? Will it ever make it to the main stream?

ETA: I completely forgot to write about the fish pedicure! I was trying to type this up as quickly as possible this afternoon. My 2 year old was watching a DVD and I didn't know how long I had HAHA.

After reading about Darren's experience I want to try it out. At first I was concerned about how sanitary it would be, but I guess if I am able to find a knowledgeable salon I should be good to go. Of course there are simpler ways to exfoliate your feet but it would give me a good head start. I'm going to look into it and see if I can find a place near me. However I will say that I hate having my feet touched, I always keep my toes painted but I've had maybe 3 or 4 professional pedicures and I only recently, probably with in the last two years, began wearing flip flops. Before then I would always have socks on.

Also I am not judging the men who do choose to wear polish. I think it is awesome that they are confident enough to do so. I also see sporting polish as a type of self expression, and who I am to judge how someone chooses to express themselves. I personally don't like it, but that's just me.

Perfectly Polished Tips 105 - Amour Black Berry

I am working through the untried polishes in my stash. At first I was going to use's integer generator but it kept choosing colors I had already worn and I wasn't about to make a new spread sheet for my unworn polishes. So I decided I would go in alphabetical order by brand. I'll be doing ones I haven't photographed on tips and those that have been swatched but not worn on my toes. First up Amour Black Berry

This color doesn't look like a black berry at all. It's a coppery, redish brown with gold shimmer. I don't like it at all and it will probably be removed once I am finished with this post. The first coat went on a deep berry color so I thought I might like it but once I saw it under my bulbs I said no way. I was really going to try to stick it out but I just don't think it's for me.

It applied beautifully though, it was opaque in two coats and I didn't have an issue with streaking. I did three coats because all of the sudden I have become a habitual three coater. The brush is nice, not too wide, and it's not super long or short. I had good control over it. It dried very quickly with the help of Out the Door. I would definitely buy this brand of polish but just not this color.

I did some Googling and couldn't find anything on the company but sells them for $1.99 and it seems like they have some good color choices.

Perfectly Polished Tips 104 - OPI My Private Jet

I take back every mean thing that I said about OPI My Private Jet. Today was MPJ day over at the MUA nail board and I wanted to participate so I decided I would give this polish another chance. This polish has been quite lucky because I think this is the 4th or so time I've given it another go in hopes of loving it. Usually I don't do that. I layered My Private Jet over SpaRitual Solitude and was instantly in love. I guess I have just been layering it over the wrong colors. I tried a basic black, grey, and most recently white. None of them looked good to me, and honestly I would have never thought to try purple. I can only imagine what it would look like over blue, or red, or even hot pink.

1 coat of My Private Jet over 3 coats of SpaRitual Solitude

I'm really glad that I gave this polish another go. As I posted before there are two versions, this is the holographic version. The other is sparkley but not holographic. I think the Polish Addict posted pictures a few weeks ago if you are curious.

After counting my untrieds I decided that for the rest of this month each manicure and pedicure I do will be out of that list. I'll try to make it ones I haven't photographed.

Perfectly Polished Tops 103 - My Top 20 Part II

Here is the other half of my top twenty, in no special order.

Essie Ballet Slippers - my favorite neutral, it's just clean and neat

OPI You Don't Know Jacques - another weird one..honestly I love it purely because it's a creme

SpaRitual Solitude - unique dusty purple and it's a creme

OPI Hollywood & Wine - another classic red

Zoya Yasmeen - this's such a gorgeous color

OPI Don't Know Beets Me - my go to pedicure color

Zoya Nina - looks like chocolate!

CND Blue Blood - only polish I "needed" a back up of

Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot - bold but still wearable

butter London Henley Regatta - this is a pedicure only polish and I usually layer with Color Club Bizerk Turq

Well there you go, a complete list of the polishes I'm currently loving. Anyone else want to share their top picks?

Perfectly Polished Tips 102 - My Top 20 Part I

So some people have 1 favorite polish or maybe 5. I however have 20 "must haves" that I would like to share with you. Some are my all time favorite, some are from newer collections. These are the ones I am loving at the moment. Although when I think about it this list isn't really fair, as I haven't worn all the polishes I own. Yet. I will admit that I have an unreasonable amount of untrieds but we'll save that for another day! Here is the first half of my top twenty list. In no special order.

China Glaze White Kwik Silvr - reminds me of winter and the glitter is amazing

Nicole Pinkerbell - soft, girly and Tinkerbell is my favorite

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic - unique but's a fun color

OPI Got the Blues for Red - my HG red creme, it's classic

Zoya Kalista - one of the few glitter polishes, it's so pretty

L'Oreal Emerpor - my newest obsession..dark blurple (more purple) creme

China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway - perfect blue creme

butter London Portobello Pink - fun summer color..usually I use it on my toes

Lippmann Collection Fade to Black - 1 coater, great for layering

OPI Designer Series Glamour - looks awesome layered over OPI Dating a Royal

Perfectly Polished Tips 101 - Metro Chic & You Don't Know Jacques

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic and OPI You Don't Know Jacques are two popular colors that were released this fall. I did separate posts on both of these polishes but I never compared the two. The question of are they too similar to own both comes up often. In my opinion no they are not similar at all. Metro Chic goes very purple on me while Jacques pulls a lot of brown. Jacques is also darker than Metro Chic. Of course this is going to vary from skin tone to skin tone.

Align Center

The lighting today made MC look very grey, usually I get more of a purple look from it.

In real life and in natural lighting Jacques doesn't look this brown. I like it either way though.

Here are the colors side by side. You can see that the tones have changed again, which makes me think it's a pretty versatile polish.

I love both very much and I love that they are cremes even more. I switched to posting large size photos, does it make much of a difference? You can always click on the photo for a bigger one but I think that might also have to do with my photo bucket settings. Let me know what you think.

Perfectly Polished Tips 100 - A Couple of Interesting Articles

Darren Garnick, writer of Darren Garnick's Media Lab wrote a couple of cute articles relating to nails. I wanted to share them.

I kept politics off of here because some people get pretty rowdy HAHA, but I thought this article was entertaining. The article features some of Stephanie's work, she's from The Polish Addict. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Steph's blog and she has some pretty amazing nails. It also has pictures from two other ladies, one who I know posts on MUA but I'm not sure about the other.

Here is another one about fish pedicures. I am really interested and would so get it done. I know there is a lot of controversy about weather it is animal cruelty or not but honestly I don't think it is. I feel like the internet really impacts a person's opinion, especially on message board and community type sites. For whatever reason people feel the need to fit in. It's the internet and it's not that serious!
"Are fish pedicures cruel to the fish?"

So if you have a free second check out these articles and let me know what you think. Does nail art have that big of influence. Who would get the fish pedi?

Perfectly Polished Tips 99 - Free Shipping from Rescue Beauty Lounge!

Twice in one year?!?! From now until Obama's inauguration Rescue Beauty Lounge is offering free shipping on all orders over $50. Unfortunately this is only for the continental US.

So now is the time to get those fall polishes you've been lusting after.

Perfectly Polished Tips 98 - More BB Couture for Nails

I love BB Couture for Nails so much that I have more to share with you. I wore Karribean Kiersti for 5 days and only had one tiny chip on my pinky nail. This is really great because I've been changing my polish less during the week. You can see my first post on BB Couture for nails here. Some of the pictures aren't that great as I was rushing to finish all 10 before the camera batteries died. Here they are in random order.

Fairy Blood is red glitter in a red almost jelly like base. This is two coats, it may look better with 3 or I was considering layering over a red creme. It kind of reminds me of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps.

Punk Rock Pink is a lot more pink than in this photo, leaning towards hot pink. This photo should the pink shimmer well though. I love how the shimmer in this brand glows.

Love Drunk is Karribean Kiersti's pink counter part. It has the same glass flecked silver and pink sparkles. It's a lot more pink in real life rather than peachy. It reminds me of one of the China Glaze Polishes, maybe Sass in a Glass?

Candy Mousse is a deeper pink than what is shown. My camera doesn't pick up pinks well in artifical lighting for some reason. You can see the lovely purple/blue shimmer radiating out though.

Poison Ivy is a forest green creme. Kinda reminds me of a frog. This applied beautifully. I think green is finally growing on me. I am afraid to wear it on my tips though, I need to just do it.

Pixie Dust is green and gold sparkles in a beige base, very difficult for me to capture. Think of Essie Tennis Corset.

Tink Pink was another one that was hard to capture. It's very similar to Pixie Dust the base color is more pink though.

Diamond Dust is the same green and gold glitter in a clear base. For some reason the glitter appeared a lot more in this one than the other two.

Maleficent Magenta isn't really magenta at all. It's amazing vampy purple with a nice subtle shimmer. This is going to be a favorite.

Dragon's Breath is silver, red, and blue sparkles in a plum base. It has a jelly texture to it making it need three coats of color to be even.

Incase you missed my first post, BB Couture for Nails can be found at and They retail for $8.95 each and are difinitely worth it.

Perfectly Polished Tips 97 - Swatches of China Glaze Spring & Summer 09

Here are swatches of Romantique and Summer Days. They are 2 coats of color, and apparently the chromes apply smoothly which is always nice to hear.

Indoor Lighting.


1. Passion
2. Magical
3. Poetic
4. Delight
5. Emotion
6. Joy
7. Awaken
8. Adore
9. Cherish
10. Harmony
11. Desire
12. Devotion
13. Orange Marmalade
14. Cherry Pie
15. Raspberry Festival
16. Strawberry Fields
17. Grape Juice
18. Watermelon Rind

Again thanks to Carey for allowing me to post her photos!