Perfectly Polished Tips 98 - More BB Couture for Nails

I love BB Couture for Nails so much that I have more to share with you. I wore Karribean Kiersti for 5 days and only had one tiny chip on my pinky nail. This is really great because I've been changing my polish less during the week. You can see my first post on BB Couture for nails here. Some of the pictures aren't that great as I was rushing to finish all 10 before the camera batteries died. Here they are in random order.

Fairy Blood is red glitter in a red almost jelly like base. This is two coats, it may look better with 3 or I was considering layering over a red creme. It kind of reminds me of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps.

Punk Rock Pink is a lot more pink than in this photo, leaning towards hot pink. This photo should the pink shimmer well though. I love how the shimmer in this brand glows.

Love Drunk is Karribean Kiersti's pink counter part. It has the same glass flecked silver and pink sparkles. It's a lot more pink in real life rather than peachy. It reminds me of one of the China Glaze Polishes, maybe Sass in a Glass?

Candy Mousse is a deeper pink than what is shown. My camera doesn't pick up pinks well in artifical lighting for some reason. You can see the lovely purple/blue shimmer radiating out though.

Poison Ivy is a forest green creme. Kinda reminds me of a frog. This applied beautifully. I think green is finally growing on me. I am afraid to wear it on my tips though, I need to just do it.

Pixie Dust is green and gold sparkles in a beige base, very difficult for me to capture. Think of Essie Tennis Corset.

Tink Pink was another one that was hard to capture. It's very similar to Pixie Dust the base color is more pink though.

Diamond Dust is the same green and gold glitter in a clear base. For some reason the glitter appeared a lot more in this one than the other two.

Maleficent Magenta isn't really magenta at all. It's amazing vampy purple with a nice subtle shimmer. This is going to be a favorite.

Dragon's Breath is silver, red, and blue sparkles in a plum base. It has a jelly texture to it making it need three coats of color to be even.

Incase you missed my first post, BB Couture for Nails can be found at and They retail for $8.95 each and are difinitely worth it.