Perfectly Polished Tips 127 - Zoya's Color Lock System

Zoya's Color Lock System used to consist of Remove, Anchor, Armor, and Hurry Up Drops. They recently added Get Even Ridge Filler and Renew polish rejuvenator. I have heard that Zoya doesn't play well with some of the base coats and top coats that are favored on the MUA Nail Board and I did have an issue with Seche Vite and Zoya. However since dumped Seche and picking up Out the Door I haven't had an issue. Anyways, I gave the Color Lock System a try and I'm not sure what I think about it.

I love the Remove polish remover, it smells amazing and is ultra gentle on my nails and cuticles. I could do a dozen swatches at once and not have the dryness or redness that would result from using my usual Beauty Secrets remover.

For the manicure I did using the system, I used Jo from the Twist collection, Get Even Ridge Filler, Armor top coat, and Hurry Up drops. I don't have photos at the moment because I have been super busy with school, however I will use the system again and post photos in the near future.

I liked Get Even a lot, it dried very quickly and left my nails looking smooth and neat. It is white in color, I did only one coat but I would imagine that if you did 2 or 3 it would be opaque. That would make it ideal for use under sheers or streaky problem polishes. I applied two coats of Jo after and it looked flawless. My only beef is that after 3 consecutive manicure's using just Get Even as a base coat I got peelies, big time. In the future I am going to try Anchor underneath and if that causes peeling I will use my HG Color Club Vitabase first.

Armor top coat is suppose to protect nails from UV rays and prevent yellowing. It made the polish very glossy looking. I topped that with the reccomended one drop per nail of Hurry Up Drops. Zoya claims that nails will be dry to the touch in 5-10 minutes. 20 minutes later I had a dent in multiple nails. Out the Door has really spolied me, and I'm not if anything else will ever impress me the way OTD does. I reapplied Armor and used the drops after two days as the directions suggested.

By day 5 of my Jo manicure I had horrid tipware and chips. I read somewhere on the Zoya web site that this system is suppose to keep a manicure looking good for up to 2 weeks, which I didn't think was possible anyways. Since I love Zoya polish so much I am going to give the Color Lock system another shot. After I use the system again for photos I am probably going to add Out the Door into the mix. I am too impatient to sit and wait 20 minutes for my tips to dry. I wonder why Zoya hasn't made a quick dry top coat yet..hmmm.

I have the new Twist collection and will try to have photos up by the middle of next week. I go to school full time, and have an almost 3 year old so I don't have much free time right now. Please check back soon and thank you to those who are still reading!

Perfectly Polished Tips 126 - Carolyn New York Swatches

I posted photos of Carolyn New York's Holiday collection a couple of weeks ago, and now I have a few more colors to share. I really love CNY polishes, I probably went on and on about it in my last post, but seriously everything about them is amazing. If you get the chance to try them, please do. I think they are on sale for $5.99 at the moment but I'm not 100% sure on how long it's going to last.

Brownsville - Melted chocolate on my finger tips

Howard Beach - this is a gorgeous, shimmery purple but unfortunately it was really hard to photograph. Winter here has been horrible, and I haven't had good sunlight in forever. The photo above is pretty true to life, it's a blackened purple with amazing shimmer. It is one of those polishes that look black indoors but if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it in the sun you will be stunned.

Howard Beach w/ flash in artificial lighting

Howard Beach w/ flash in artificial lighting. It is not as blue as it appears here.

Hillside - a deep eggplant creme. It's a very clean and classy color.

Street Fair - I somehow mislabeled the photo and for some silly reason I don't have the original photo on my PC. So please excuse the typo! This is a sheer milky pink, the photo is 3 coats over 2 coats of Essie's Ridge Filler. It's a nice clean neutral color and would probably be good for french manicures.

Perfectly Polished Tips 125 - Essie Winter 2008

For this winter Essie released a collection full of rich, bold, and beautiful colors. Usually I am not drawn to Essie's collections because they normally contain boring reds and pinks, which I have a ton of as it is. However as soon as I laid eyes on pictures of this collection I knew that I would love it. The polishes applied wonderfully and are opaque in two coats, even Shifting Power; however I found that three coats made the shimmer in the polishes pop. I've worn Sexy Divide and Damsel in A Dress, I didn't have great luck with Sexy Divide and it chipped in 2 days. That could have been due to a number of things though. Damsel wore like iron for a week. As most of you know the base coat and top coat play a huge role in how long your manicure will last. Your body's chemistry probably effects that as well.

Shifting Power - sizzling molten gold
Another gold I love but probably won't wear, the brush marks are minimal.

Bold and Beautiful - rich, ruby garnet
Lovely red creme, I actually really like this red.

Sexy Divide - electric violet temptation
This is my favorite from the collection, it's highly pigmented and has a lovely sparkle.

Rock Star Skinny - glamorous crimson red
This is kinda brown on me, with silver shimmer. I didn't really find it to be red at all actually.

It's Genius - violet quartz shimmer
This was another favorite, it has amazing gold glitter. It may be similar to China Glaze's Cow Girl Up but I think the base color might be slightly different.

Damsel in a Dress - oh so deep currant
As with the others this color has a gorgeous shimmer and really fits well with the rest of the collection.

Normally I'm sure that I would complain about all the purple shades included in this collection but I'm going through a purple phase right now and cannot get enough. I think Essie did an awesome job with this collection and the colors are perfect for any time really. I saw some swatches of the Spring Essie collection on Scrangie's blog and that blue is to die for. I cannot wait to get it.

Perfectly Polished Tips 124 - China Glaze Romantique Part Two

Here is the warm half of the China Glaze Romantique collection. I was drawn to the golden shades in this collection but I feel like I probably won't ever wear them. Unfortunately my camera almost made all of the colors look similar (to me anyways), hopefully the swatches are still helpful!





Magical (more of a sandy color)

Delight (bronze-y brown shade)

My favorites from this part of the set are Magical and Poetic. I love golds but I don't think they love me. I can always wear them on my toes!

Perfectly Polished Tips 123 - China Glaze Romantique Part One

Sorry for the long delay in posts! The holiday season is killer. China Glaze's newest collection Romantique includes 12 gorgeous metallic colors. They are perfect for the upcoming spring season or any time really. They apply smoothly and while I did have brush strokes they didn't ruin the polishes for me. My favorite part about this collection is that they are all one coaters! That alone made me forget all about the brush strokes. I am posting the cool part of the collection first followed by the warm.





Admire (as with almost every pink my camera distorts it, it's a bit lighter/truer pink in real life)

Harmony (a bit deeper in real life)

Being a cool toned girl myself, I am partial to this collection with my favorites being Harmony and Adore. I wasn't a huge fan of Cherish but it might be a fun pedicure color for me. Personally I think silvers look better on me than golds but I always find myself disliking the silvers and craving gold.

I hope to be back to posting regularly, and I hope you all had wonderful holidays!