Perfectly Polished Tips 131 - BB Couture Spring Preview

I'm calling this a preview because I have not swatched two of the colors yet. I am getting there! BB Couture for Nails has come out with three unique shades for spring. Two glitter polishes, including a green and a deep vampy purple.

Sea of Cortez is a bright blue base infused with rainbow glitter.

Frosty Meadow has a base very similar to Color Club Wild Child and is also infused with rainbow glitter.

Midnight Desire is a blackened purple with shimmer. This color also fits my purple kick, and even though it's blackened it is still visibly purple in all lights. Please excuse the chip on my pointer finger, I began typing too soon and my nails weren't completely dry.

You can find these beauties on I will have swatches of Sea of Cortez and Frosty Meadow up in the next couple of days.

Perfectly Polished Tips 130 - Essie Spring

For spring it appears that Essie went slightly outside of her comfort zone. Among the pale pinks and reds she included a blue, but not just a blue, a blue creme! To be quite honest I don't love this collection, my love for pinks and reds have faded completely. I haven't had a red or pink (especially cremes) lemming in a long time. It's hard to make unique variations of them after a while. I suppose it would be the same for blue as well but for some reason I just can't get enough. Each of these polishes applied amazingly, and Mesmerize wore like iron which isn't usual for me when I wear an Essie. I noticed that with the winter collection as well. No complaints here!

One of a Kind is a tomato red creme.

Lacquered Up is an orange-y red but more so red than orange.

Eternal Optimist is described as spiced tea rose. It's a band aid but better color on me, and a bit more pink in real life. I don't think it looks too great on me though.

Flawless is supposed to be a cherry blossom pink, it's more bubble gum in real life. My camera doesn't pick up pinks well in artificial lighting.

Status Symbol is a tame hot pink. Even though it's been done a million times I know already that this is going to be a favorite spring/summer pedicure color for me.

Mesmerize is royal blue amazing-ness. My favorite from the collection.

Essie spring is currently for sale and should be relatively easy to find. I really want to applaud Essie for coming out with two awesome collections in a row. Winter was brillant with those purples and now with Mesmerize. Maybe one day she'll come up with a collection filled with nothing but jewel toned greens, purples, and blues. You hear that Essie?

Perfectly Polished Tips 129 - Zoya Twist

The Twist collection is made up of 6 bright and cherry colors for spring. When I saw that this collection included a blue and a gray I was overly excited. I have been on the hunt for a cheap and easy to get gray polish, although Harley isn't a creme it still (temporarily) satisfies my craving. I did try to franken a gray creme but the formulas must not of liked one another because I got tons of bubbles each time I used it. Anyways back to Twist, I think I can honestly say I love each color in this set, which doesn't happen often. They all applied like a dream and 2 coats of polish was plenty, except for Cassie, I used three coats because it was a little sheer. I think this collection includes a color that will work with every skin tone.

Harley is a pale grey shimmer. This photo was taken in the sun, the rest were taken in artifical light.

Malia is a light purple creme, I love this fits in with my purple kick perfectly.

Cassie is more pink in real life, with goregous gold shimmer.

Barbie is a bit pinker and less peach in real life, it also has the beautiful shimmer that I love Zoya for.

Moxie is a raspberry creme and kind of the odd one out, my first thought was why didn't they do a mint green but after trying it out this is a perfect juicy berry shade.

Last but not least Jo. A wonderful powder blue with silver shimmer.

The Twist collection is up for sale now on Zoya is also doing a polish exchange, I am not 100% sure when it ends, but I believe it is still going on right now. You can send them unloved polishes, empties, even minis and they will send you full size Zoya polishes. You have to pay shipping and I believe it is $3 per polish. You can go here for more details.

Perfectly Polished Tips 128 - Sephora by OPI On Stage

First please let me apologize for my lack of posting. I have been busy with school and mostly just lazy with my nails. I have a ton of photos to share, I just need to edit them and get them posted! I am working on it and will have new stuff up by the weekend for sure.

Here is a recent NOTD of mine. Sephora by OPI On Stage. I really love this brand of polishes, they are nothing like OPI's main brand. I haven't used Sephora's brand before so I can't compare there. They apply wonderfully, no crazy thick or too runny formula. The best part is the brush is a normal size. I know a lot of people love OPI's Pro Wide brushes but I hate them. I have small nail beds and I make a terrible mess every time I use one. On Stage is a smokey purple but more purple than smokey. I wasn't really in love with it, in most lights it looked like dirty dish water on me. I only did two coats and have a (hopeful) suspicion that it will look nicer with three coats of color. Sephora by OPI also has great staying power and durability.

I have also been trying out a new base coat. European Secrets Rock Hard base coat, it can be found at Sally Beauty. It is a nail hardener, so it can be used alone or over polish. The directions are basically the same as Nail Tek, apply one coat and reapply daily for one week, remove, and start over. I'm just using it as a base coat and so far so good. My nails aren't peeling anymore and I think it's helping prevent staining. If you are looking for a new base coat to try this is a good one. I believe Sally's has it on sale right now as a Buy One Get One, but I think you have to buy the top coat to get the base. I haven't tried the top coat out though so I don't know how well it works.