Perfectly Polished Tips 130 - Essie Spring

For spring it appears that Essie went slightly outside of her comfort zone. Among the pale pinks and reds she included a blue, but not just a blue, a blue creme! To be quite honest I don't love this collection, my love for pinks and reds have faded completely. I haven't had a red or pink (especially cremes) lemming in a long time. It's hard to make unique variations of them after a while. I suppose it would be the same for blue as well but for some reason I just can't get enough. Each of these polishes applied amazingly, and Mesmerize wore like iron which isn't usual for me when I wear an Essie. I noticed that with the winter collection as well. No complaints here!

One of a Kind is a tomato red creme.

Lacquered Up is an orange-y red but more so red than orange.

Eternal Optimist is described as spiced tea rose. It's a band aid but better color on me, and a bit more pink in real life. I don't think it looks too great on me though.

Flawless is supposed to be a cherry blossom pink, it's more bubble gum in real life. My camera doesn't pick up pinks well in artificial lighting.

Status Symbol is a tame hot pink. Even though it's been done a million times I know already that this is going to be a favorite spring/summer pedicure color for me.

Mesmerize is royal blue amazing-ness. My favorite from the collection.

Essie spring is currently for sale and should be relatively easy to find. I really want to applaud Essie for coming out with two awesome collections in a row. Winter was brillant with those purples and now with Mesmerize. Maybe one day she'll come up with a collection filled with nothing but jewel toned greens, purples, and blues. You hear that Essie?