Petites from D.C.

Hello! Today I am bringing swatches of the other part of my D.C. haul. It's the four Petites I got: Passion Orange, Universe, Hot Sauce, Purely Pearl.
Passion Orange is hot hot hot! It's a creme orange and it is so much brighter than this picture could depict. It's borderline neon. And it's also borderline coral, not so much orange. I love it.
Universe. Whoa whoa whoa! Besides green my favorite color is gold. And not just polish, but everything! And this is such a good add to the gold collection. It's a sheer gold with gold glitter AND gold flakes!! Can you believe this was $1.79? This should have been called "Look Rich Be Cheap"!! I couldn't take the picture in direct sun because so much light reflected back at the camera the light completely took over and you couldn't see the nails at all!


Hot Sauce. This one is a chameleon. Not that it is a duochrome or color change polish, but everytime I look at it, it looks different to me. Sometimes deep, sometimes bright. Sometimes like a yellow-based tomato red, and others like it's blue-based and like a hot pink/berry-ish. I would call this creme, but in the sun you can see a smidge of shimmer. I really like it!
Purely Pearl. Metallic white. It is awesome and goes on smooth and opaque in 2 coats. I like it a lot. You just have to love it with brush strokes included. I don't think there is a way around it with this one.

AND today I thought I would share my new love! My puppy, Cash. We got him from a shelter and that was his name! I know it's kind of weird. We thought about changing it, but nothing else really hit us. I fell in love with him one day when I went to look at dogs with a friend (bad idea!) and I told my boyfriend about him when I got home and he went back the next day and got him while I was a work!! He is a Schnoodle: half minature schnauzer and half poodle. When we got him his hair was really long! He was so cute and scraggly:
But we had to get him a haircut because it didn't really look like he could see!
He loves this lion.
He's such a good little boy!