Pretty Revlon "Press-Ons"

Today I am bringing you some blingy nails! I tried out a set artificial nails by Revlon.

They are a french manicure set from the Runway Collection with this great silver sparkle design on the tips. I am a big fan of this design!

Now I pretty much never wear fake nails so this is not really my territory. I am not a hater. I just like my real nails. I haven't put on a set in years. What I can remenber from those early days of press-ons is that they didn't really hold up very well. I expected this to snap off in an hour. I put them on Friday night before I went out and they made it the whole weekend! Every single one of them. I didn't attmept to start taking them off until Monday night, and that is only because my violin lessons are on Tuesdays. I don't think my instructor would be pleased! He always has to keep my nail length in check! I try to go as long as I can. Anyway, if I didn't have to take them off, I wouldn't have. I loved them. They made it through showers, dish washing, scrubbing the tub, and all. Very impressive. You know how when you glue a nail on you are very aware of the fact that they are there? You feel that tug on your real nail from the glue? Well I didn't notice it after a day. I forgot entirely that I had on fake nails. Which is impressive because they are long! And they don't have that thick acrylic problem. They are thin and can be used for scratching! And I love this design! Did I mention that yet?! It took my focus frequently. My only gripe is that the middle sizes needed a few extra. There are 2 nails in each size from 0 to 9, with a 5.5 and a 6.5. I used a 3 on the thumb, 9 on the pinky's and the middle fingers had to fight for the rest! I could have used more 6 and 6.5s. The 5.5 got by since it had to, but I used a 5 on the middle and I felt it was too big. I'm going to try again and try to alter the arrangement. Even if I think it was too big it still looks okay, huh? And they held up fine. Check out how real that looks!:
If you try these out don't use as much glue as they say. The directions say to put glue on the fake nail and the real nail, and cover them completely. That is overkill. Choose one or the other, and cover it, but with a thin, thin, layer. THIN! It spreads out when you push it down. Don't use too much. It squeezes out and gets everywhere. I made a mess on the first few, and glued myself together and glued myself to a nail or two. I'm really clumsy, by the way.

With that said, also don't use too little. after my messes I then overcompensated on reducing my glue and didn't use enough and you can tell:See how the glue is in the middle and not around the outside? If these were opaque I would have been able to hide my flub, but they are transparent so it showed.

Now for the removal. I don't know if it's me or what, but this did not go well. The directions say to soak in acetone nail polish remover and they will dissolve. Scrangie also said the same on her post about these nails, and she has put up swatches since that post and her nails look great. Mine however, don't look too good. I soaked and soaked, but they did not dissolve. So I used the manicure stick that came with the nails to nudge around the outsides and soaked some more, and repeated until I was finally just pulling them off. I don't know if I am not patient enough, but I started this morning around 615 and didn't finish until 715. That seems like plently soaking to me. But like I said, this is not my territory so I could be wrong. I know what you're thinking: "are you sure it was acetone remover?" Yup. It was. I don't get it. The remover was a generic store brand that I bought because it was 2 for 1, so maybe that was the problem. I would like to try again with different glue and maybe also different remover. I will let you know how that turns out. I hope I don't discourage you guys with my removal tale, just be aware. If you are a regular with fake nails then I'm sure you'll be fine. They are gorgeous and I want them back! Maybe it would have been better if I kept them on longer too. I was forced to take them off after only a few days for my violin. If you can keep them on for a week or so they may let go easier.

Give them a try and let me know how they work out for you!

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