Scherer Chameleon

Hello! Sorry for the slow posts! I got a new puppy last week!! And I just went to D.C. for work. BUT... my trip to DC led me to a great polish haul! I found some Chameleon polish and Petites. So today I bring you the Chameleons. In the pic is Blue Frost, Blue Sky and Dreams. They're some awesome duochromes

Dreams - Pinkish white with a green flash.
I was hoping this pic would show the green. It doesn't really. It was hard to capture.
This close up is as best I could get to show it. Overall though this was very pretty. Application was great. 2 coats. Very cool.
Blue Frost - Pale blue with a bright purple flash.
This outdoor pic was the best I could get out of my camera.

And this is my fave: Blue Sky. Ridiculous blue with purple, and sometimes looks green, and teal too. So gorgeous. It's an attention taker. Not bad for a $2.70 polish. I think that is what it was. I can't find the recipt to be sure!
This pic was under low light, but I had to show it because on the left the natural light from outside shows blue, the middle is purple and the lamps inside show green on the right. Amazing!