Zoya Exchange Swatches

Since I finally got to finishing my Zoya swatching from my polish exchange, I wanted to share them since there is still time to do some exchanging! I want so many more Zoyas, but I only have maybe two polishes I'm willing to give up! This post has a lot of pics. I hope that is okay. That's what really makes a blog fun, right?! I know I love to look at pics!
-Gorgeous coral creme. I swear every time I looked at my nails it got brighter and brighter.
Fergie-Although my bottle is labeled as "Feigie". Awesome reddish purple creme. I really love this one.
Moxie-Killer beet colored creme
Jo-Periwinkle shimmer
Tallulah-Bright blue shimmer. Wow!
Jacy-Dark reddish purple with a bright purpley-blue shimmer. Really gorgeous. Formula was a bit thick though.

Malia-Medium to light purple creme.

For the Zoya exchange page go here: https://www.artofbeauty.com/exchange/default.html