LA Girls Rockstar Swatches

Hello! I am on vacation this week, visiting my family in NY state and since I am on vacation, I can spend all day on my nails! I won't, but I did get to do a lot of swatches today of my LA Girls Rockstar line polishes! The pic above is Supernova.

Double Platinum- This is a sheer gold, packed with multi-sized holo glitter. Shown alone and over black in two coats. Hot! The holo is very um... holoish? I just want to say it show it's holo properties well. It wouldn't dissapoint.

Rockstar - Very inky, vampy black, with purple glitter. How about that bottle shot?! Can you see how it has a gold douchrome effect in the purple glitter? Really interesting. It's pretty hidden on the nail, but if you know it's there I think it'll stll make you happy. The glitter is more pronounced in the bottle than the nail, but it's still hot.

Supernova - Sheer black with holo bar glitter. Again, the holo won't dissapoint. Shown alone and over balck in two coats. Amazing and unique. Very, very fun.

Addict - Oh wow, Addict. You are soooo gorgeous. This sexy, deep red with gold glitter, that is almost flakie, but I don't feel comfortable calling it flakie, because to me flakes are a bit larger in size, but that is the idea. IT IS SOOOO PRETTY! The gold seems to float like the base is a jelly, but I don't really think it is. What I do know is it is a killer and a must have.

Overdose - Blue and purple glitter in a clear base. An interesting thing happened when I swatched this one. I discovered there is also a secret gold shimmer in it too! Look close. Can you see it?!! So sneaky, these Rockstars!!

Groupie - Beautiful royal purple with a blue shimmer that is actually glass-fleck looking. At first glance, it looks like purple, with blue shimmer, or purple shimmer, but then you look again and you go "no.. I think it's glass flecked..." In any case, awesome and full of depth.

Scandal - It does not look like much alone, but layered it is beautiful. Light purple and shimmery. This is two coats. Shown alone and over black. I see some great layer opportunities with this. I just used it over neon pink for a pedi and it's one of the best pedis I have ever done.

Head Banging - With a word like "head banging" wouldn't you write it "head bangin' "? That polish is bangin'. Anyway, blueish green shimmer. Very very pretty.

So these are all incredible. Even the ones that ended up being layering colors that I thought wouldn't be layering colors, are awesome. All had great application, and were done in two coats. I am in loooove with these!

And today you get a bonus puppy pic! I was asked in the last post about him how big of a bone he can chew. The one I photographed him with is pretty big, but I wish I had a pic of the one we gave him before that, because it was bigger than him! It was hilarious. And he got through the whole thing. He seemed intimidated at first, but he would not be defeated!

Old Nail Pics

Not only do I love nails and polish, but I love to take pictures. I have been doing it since I was young. Like, 8 maybe? I took rolls and rolls of pictures. Nowadays I carry my digital everywhere. Growing up all my firends counted on me for pics of parties and nights out. I'm no pro, I just love it. I was cleaning my desk at home the other day and decided to update the pics on my digital photo frame. I started looking back at my pictures archives, and discovered I had many pictures of nails I did, way before I started posting them online. I just took them to take them! I had more than I realized. I thought it'd be fun to show them.

This one was a french with a purpley-shimmer from Sephora. I don't know what it was called.

This gold mani was for my last birthday. I love gold anything and bought great gold pumps and wanted gold nails. I used OPI- Curry Up, Don't be Late, and Cover Girl-Gold Rush glitter top coat over it. From Sept '08.

Anyone notice anything interesting in these? How long my nails were? What the hell happened?!

This one is OPI- Gargantuan Green Grape with a little hand-drawn art. I was testing out the macro on the new camera. This had to have been from September also.

This one was Revlon- Steel Her Heart with Milani-Glitzy Stars layered over it.

And this one was OPI-Lincoln Park After Dark with Milani-Glitzy Stars layered. I bought Glitzy Stars just for this mani because I needed to do something to bling up this polish since it's so close to black.And this one was Ulta-Bombshell. I have since swapped it. I don't know why I wasn't that into it.

Perfectly Polished Tips 139 - Zularis Naturals

A few months ago Penny, the creator of Zularis Natural products sent me an awesome kit for DIY manicures and pedicures. I've been making time every few weeks to use the products and I am very impressed with them. Penny's signature scent is so soothing and pleasant. On her website is says it is a mix of "essential oil blend that includes lemon, bergamot, lavandin, frankincense and myrrh; fragrance." Although it smells nice it does not linger. This is important to me because I usually use hand and foot products before bed and I hate having a smell lingering around on my finger tips. My kit came with : Intensive Repair Cuticle Oil, Soothing Milk Soak, Hand and Foot Scrub, Hand and Body Rub and bottle of Pumpkin Spice (I believe that was the name) Lotion. A callous reducer/foot file, and emery boards as well as instructions.

The Soothing Milk Soak is wonderful on sore, swollen feet. I am 6 months pregnant now and I never thought sticking my feet into a tub of warm water and this soak would feel like heaven. I like to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes, or really as long as my 3 year old allows before needing something. It softens my feet too which is always a plus. I have not used this on my hands yet but it can be used either way. It comes with a conveient scoop too.

The Hand and Foot Scrub does wonders on dry skin, especially dry heels. I will admit that I have not been taking the best care of my feet and have only done a few real pedicures since flip flop season has began. This scrub improved my heels 100% with just one use. It contains a couple of different oils which left my feet not only feeling soft but refreshed as well. I believe I have the Passionfruit Paypa scent, again it's a nice light scent, not over powering, and it does not linger for too long. Penny has 3 different seasonal scents up on her website right now, Passionfruit Paypa is the only one I've tried in addition to her signature scent.

At first I was a little confused about how to use the Hand and Body Rub. It comes in a jar but it is solid, it's not like regular lotion where you can stick your hand in a pull some out. It takes a bit to soften it up and get it on to your skin. I like to use it on my heels, elbows, knees and cuticles. I have a small tub of the Passionfruit Papya and I like to use it on my cuticles. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue.

The Aloe and Shea Butter lotion is really great however I was not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice scent that came in my kit. I'm not too sure what it was about the scent that I did not like, it was spicy but sweet at the same time. Maybe it was just my hormones doing the complaining. Putting the scent aside the lotion was very moisturizing but not greasy. This is really important to me because I hate having to wait forever for a lotion to soak in. That really puts me off from a moisturizer.

I love the Intensive Repair Cuticle Oil, even though I haven't been taking the best care of my nails this oil makes them look almost decent after a couple of uses. My finger tips are always really dry, no matter how often I lotion but this oil helps keep them smooth. You only need one drop for each finger and you're good to go. It's also supposed to be beneficial for nails that peel and/or break easily.

These products have made my pedicure routine much more enjoyable. My favorite part about the line is that it's made from all natural ingredients. This has become very important to me as pregnancy has decided to make my skin sensitive to almost every product out there. I've had to change not only manicure products but hair and skin products as well. It's probably worth it in the long run though. The instructions that came with the kit were very informative, especially if you are just starting out. I will admit though that I have not used the foot file, I'm intimidated by it.

You can check out Zularis Naturals at and Penny has a blog which can be found here.

POTD - Plus a Bad, but Very Cute Puppy

Hello! I have a hot mani today, but want to share it in my LA Girls - Rockstar swatches I have planned so instead I bring you my feet!! I did a pedi with Sinful Colors-Fusion Neon and layered over it with LA Girls Rockstar-Scandal. Scandal is a light purple shimmery sheer so now my chalky flat neon is shimmery and shiny!
I really like this one. I wish it would show I bit truer in the pic. I think in real life it looks much brighter.

And today you get a bonus, fury-friend post. I don't close the door to the bathroom when I shower because we don't have a fan for the steam. This leaves opportunity for Cash to take my clothes and chew on them, whether it be a sock, underwear, slipper, etc. So last night I come out of the shower to find I am missing a slipper. I go out to find it and him and discover he is no longer chewing on it, but instead has swiped a roll of toilet paper! Look how guilty:It's my fault, really. Earlier in the day I gave him an empty TP tube to rip up and I guess he needed more! He just LOOVVES to rip up napkins and paper towels. Shredding is one of his favorite things to do. It's not usually a big deal because it's not really important stuff. What is great is that he knows it's wrong because as soon as I discover him he is rolling over to submit and say sorry, but he does it anyway! He must be in such heaven while he's doing it. He's just thinking "this is worth it".

Perfectly Polished Tips 138 - BB Couture for Nails

I really love this brand of polish, they have amazing, unique colors. They apply and wear well, and I think I have gushed before about the brush, the size and length is perfect for me. These photos were taken with my new camera, I hope they are a little bit easier on the eyes. I tried to clean up my cuticles last night and I moisturized a ton today just so I could swatch. I haven't been doing my nails nearly as often as I used to. Since I've been lazy with the polish I've also been lazy with taking care of my cuticles. I am going to try to get back into the habit of doing both because I have so much new polish to play with. A couple of these polishes have been in my possession for a couple of months and I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Laguna Lagoon is a really pretty pastel green. It's a bit more minty in real life. Upon seeing this and Zuma Wave Rider in the bottle I thought they were going to be streaky messes. I did two semi thick coats. I think 3 thin ones would be perfect though.

Zuma Wave Rider is another pastel. This one is a soft shade of lavender, it reminds me of China Glaze's Agent Lavender but I think this one is a little less blue.

Venice Party is a purple shade w/ a blue sheen. It is also full of rainbow colored glitter. It's not really visible in the photo but the polish is full of it.

Balboa Beach Bunny is a grape shade packed with glitter. I found the glitter in this to be really abundant but my camera just didn't pick it up.

Midnight Malibu is a dark blurple filled glitter. I know it looks black in the photo but it's more of a navy/purple in real life. It's a really fun color and I cannot believe I waited so long to try it.

Moon Over Manhattan is a teal color with silver glitter. As soon as I put on the first coat I was in love with this polish. I love teal and even though I'm not big on glitter I really like the way it looks. The glitter is not gritty like it is with the last three polishes I posted. Those need a top coat (I do my photos without) but this one was smooth.

BB Couture for Nails polishes can be found on as well as on

Perfectly Polished Tips 137 - China Glaze Summer Days

I know most of the stuff I am going to post in the coming days/weeks is going to be so 6 months ago, and I apologize. I haven't been the best blogger but I am going to try to make up for it. So even if you have viewed the collections a bunch on the other blogs I hope you enjoy the photos anyways. Also I got a new camera, the following photos were taken on my old one and the reds and pinks always came out slightly off. My new camera seems to take much better photos so I'm really excited about that.

First up I have China Glaze's Summer Days collection. When I saw the promo photos for this collection I was immediately in love. They all have that amazing glass flecked glitter look. I like each polish in this collection which isn't something that happens often. I even love Orange Marmalade and I don't usually do orange.

Orange Marmalade

Cherry Pie - it's not as orange in real life, it makes an awesome pedicure color when layered on top of a red creme.

Raspberry Festival - not as red in real life.

Strawberry Fields - has gorgeous gold shimmer.

Grape Juice

Watermelon Rind

These may still be available in some Sally Beauty locations and I believe they are still available online. They are perfect for summer (or anytime really!).

NOTD: Zoya Matte Velvet- Posh

Good Monday morning!! Thank you ladies for all your kind words about my flood fiasco. We have the new carpet down and things are getting better. There is still lots to do, but it doesn't smell anymore. I can walk around without shoes again. This was the first Monday morning going to work wasn't so bad!

Today I did my nails with a new gorgeous color I've been dying to wear: Zoya-Posh. She came during the flood and actually made me smile surprisingly! It looks great! One coat and out the door! Not bad. Mattes may be my in-a-hurry mani choice. And it matches the satiny finish of my red cell phone!
How about that?!

Drugstore Find Con't

Good evening! Sorry it has taken me some time to post. I would have sooner, but I had a bit of an incident at home. Our apartment flooded. Real bad. Dog food bowls and garbage cans were floating to other rooms. It was ridiculous. And now we have to rip out our carpet! Yay. This sucks so bad, you guys. :c( And it appears our dryer was damaged so I can't wash/dry any of the clothes or rugs or towels that got wet. We have done a lot so far. Our place is livable at least. We've had to move most everything out of the living room however to get ready to take up the carpet. But its late now and I don't think I can sleep, and my man is sleeping and I needed to feel happy so I used a new polish I bought right after the two Sally Hansen's I posted a few days ago. It's Blue Me Away! and it's very nice. It is bright and pretty and it's making me feel better. It's a creme and it applies very well. I did two coats here but honestly, I almost left it at one because it looked so good.
I have no sun of course so I am showing you this mani under a few different lights to help show the color. The one above is no flash, just a nearby lamp. It depicts it pretty well. It shows the polishes slight teal side.
This one is right under a regular old lightbulb. Pretty darn accurate, just not very bright.
Being that this is a very pigmented creme with a semi-thick creamy consistency, I thought it may work well for Konading and it turns out I was right! I stamped plate M69 over Sally Hansen-Green with Envy
Have a lovely weekend and wish me luck with my carpet!