Del Sol - Changes in the sun!

Hi! I have a fun post! Solar changing polish!! I hopped on when I saw Scrangie's post about Del Sol doing a 50% off sale. Mine came yesterday and I didn't want to post them because it was the last day of the sale and then I'd be a big jerk. BUUUTT!!! They have extended the sale to June 11th! Yay! So I bring my swatches!

Boy Magnet - Gray with this awesome copper shimmer inside, and outside a dusty red

Electrik - Baby blue metallic inside and lime green metallic outside!

Heartbreaker - Red jelly with red and silver glitter inside, and deep purple jelly with glitter outside!

Pretty in Pink - White with a pink duochrome inside and bright bright pink outiside!

Surfer Girl - Very Light baby pink metallic inside and creamsicle orange outside!

These are way too fun. I ordered the ones I thought would have the most change between indoor and outdoor and I am pleased with what I picked! I could probably pull off wearing most of these to work and enjoying the outdoor color on breaks! Awesome!!