Drugstore Find Con't

Good evening! Sorry it has taken me some time to post. I would have sooner, but I had a bit of an incident at home. Our apartment flooded. Real bad. Dog food bowls and garbage cans were floating to other rooms. It was ridiculous. And now we have to rip out our carpet! Yay. This sucks so bad, you guys. :c( And it appears our dryer was damaged so I can't wash/dry any of the clothes or rugs or towels that got wet. We have done a lot so far. Our place is livable at least. We've had to move most everything out of the living room however to get ready to take up the carpet. But its late now and I don't think I can sleep, and my man is sleeping and I needed to feel happy so I used a new polish I bought right after the two Sally Hansen's I posted a few days ago. It's Blue Me Away! and it's very nice. It is bright and pretty and it's making me feel better. It's a creme and it applies very well. I did two coats here but honestly, I almost left it at one because it looked so good.
I have no sun of course so I am showing you this mani under a few different lights to help show the color. The one above is no flash, just a nearby lamp. It depicts it pretty well. It shows the polishes slight teal side.
This one is right under a regular old lightbulb. Pretty darn accurate, just not very bright.
Being that this is a very pigmented creme with a semi-thick creamy consistency, I thought it may work well for Konading and it turns out I was right! I stamped plate M69 over Sally Hansen-Green with Envy
Have a lovely weekend and wish me luck with my carpet!