LA Girls Rockstar Swatches

Hello! I am on vacation this week, visiting my family in NY state and since I am on vacation, I can spend all day on my nails! I won't, but I did get to do a lot of swatches today of my LA Girls Rockstar line polishes! The pic above is Supernova.

Double Platinum- This is a sheer gold, packed with multi-sized holo glitter. Shown alone and over black in two coats. Hot! The holo is very um... holoish? I just want to say it show it's holo properties well. It wouldn't dissapoint.

Rockstar - Very inky, vampy black, with purple glitter. How about that bottle shot?! Can you see how it has a gold douchrome effect in the purple glitter? Really interesting. It's pretty hidden on the nail, but if you know it's there I think it'll stll make you happy. The glitter is more pronounced in the bottle than the nail, but it's still hot.

Supernova - Sheer black with holo bar glitter. Again, the holo won't dissapoint. Shown alone and over balck in two coats. Amazing and unique. Very, very fun.

Addict - Oh wow, Addict. You are soooo gorgeous. This sexy, deep red with gold glitter, that is almost flakie, but I don't feel comfortable calling it flakie, because to me flakes are a bit larger in size, but that is the idea. IT IS SOOOO PRETTY! The gold seems to float like the base is a jelly, but I don't really think it is. What I do know is it is a killer and a must have.

Overdose - Blue and purple glitter in a clear base. An interesting thing happened when I swatched this one. I discovered there is also a secret gold shimmer in it too! Look close. Can you see it?!! So sneaky, these Rockstars!!

Groupie - Beautiful royal purple with a blue shimmer that is actually glass-fleck looking. At first glance, it looks like purple, with blue shimmer, or purple shimmer, but then you look again and you go "no.. I think it's glass flecked..." In any case, awesome and full of depth.

Scandal - It does not look like much alone, but layered it is beautiful. Light purple and shimmery. This is two coats. Shown alone and over black. I see some great layer opportunities with this. I just used it over neon pink for a pedi and it's one of the best pedis I have ever done.

Head Banging - With a word like "head banging" wouldn't you write it "head bangin' "? That polish is bangin'. Anyway, blueish green shimmer. Very very pretty.

So these are all incredible. Even the ones that ended up being layering colors that I thought wouldn't be layering colors, are awesome. All had great application, and were done in two coats. I am in loooove with these!

And today you get a bonus puppy pic! I was asked in the last post about him how big of a bone he can chew. The one I photographed him with is pretty big, but I wish I had a pic of the one we gave him before that, because it was bigger than him! It was hilarious. And he got through the whole thing. He seemed intimidated at first, but he would not be defeated!