OC Nail Art Contest Submissions

Hello! Did you all enter in the OC Nail Art Contest!? I did. I didn't submit as many designs as I wanted to, but I did get in five. They were fun to do even if they don't come close to winning. I wanted to share the ones I sent in:Base: Zoya - Malia, Stamp: Konad SP - White, Plate: M2

Base: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri-Lightening, Diagonal: Essie - Sag Harbor, Stamp: Konad SP - Red and Green, Plate: M2, Stripes: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen - Black

Base: Color Club - Oooooo La La & Tropez - Black Satin, Stamp: Konad SP - White & Tropez - Black Satin, Plate: M2

My Second Favorite

Base: KO - Karen, Stamp: Konad SP- Red, Plate: M2

And my favorite!

Base: Essie - Funky Limelight, Stamp: Konad SP - Green, Plate: M4

So, I think I am kind of screwed because the B Kit is supposed to be plates M4, M8, M15 and M21. I bought a B Kit with plates M2, M4, M8, M15. I don't even have M21. So I think that all but one of my entries aren't even going to count. :c(

I'm scared.