Perfectly Polished Tips 138 - BB Couture for Nails

I really love this brand of polish, they have amazing, unique colors. They apply and wear well, and I think I have gushed before about the brush, the size and length is perfect for me. These photos were taken with my new camera, I hope they are a little bit easier on the eyes. I tried to clean up my cuticles last night and I moisturized a ton today just so I could swatch. I haven't been doing my nails nearly as often as I used to. Since I've been lazy with the polish I've also been lazy with taking care of my cuticles. I am going to try to get back into the habit of doing both because I have so much new polish to play with. A couple of these polishes have been in my possession for a couple of months and I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Laguna Lagoon is a really pretty pastel green. It's a bit more minty in real life. Upon seeing this and Zuma Wave Rider in the bottle I thought they were going to be streaky messes. I did two semi thick coats. I think 3 thin ones would be perfect though.

Zuma Wave Rider is another pastel. This one is a soft shade of lavender, it reminds me of China Glaze's Agent Lavender but I think this one is a little less blue.

Venice Party is a purple shade w/ a blue sheen. It is also full of rainbow colored glitter. It's not really visible in the photo but the polish is full of it.

Balboa Beach Bunny is a grape shade packed with glitter. I found the glitter in this to be really abundant but my camera just didn't pick it up.

Midnight Malibu is a dark blurple filled glitter. I know it looks black in the photo but it's more of a navy/purple in real life. It's a really fun color and I cannot believe I waited so long to try it.

Moon Over Manhattan is a teal color with silver glitter. As soon as I put on the first coat I was in love with this polish. I love teal and even though I'm not big on glitter I really like the way it looks. The glitter is not gritty like it is with the last three polishes I posted. Those need a top coat (I do my photos without) but this one was smooth.

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