POTD: Neon Polka Dots

I guess this isn't exactly "of the day" because I am not in the habit of redoing my toes everyday... yet. Never say never, right?! I did this creation over the weekend. It made my man giggle everytime he looked at my feet! He thought it was cute and that I am a big dork! All accurate!

I painted my tooties black first, then did white dots, and applied 6 different neons over the white dots as randomly as I could so they wouldn't look really patterned. Here's the result:

Not bad, huh? I freehanded the dots. I didn't use any sort of tool. Maybe it would have come out neater if I did. But I still like it!

Check out how awesome neon colors look under a UV light: Neons are creeping up as new fave for me!