POTD - Plus a Bad, but Very Cute Puppy

Hello! I have a hot mani today, but want to share it in my LA Girls - Rockstar swatches I have planned so instead I bring you my feet!! I did a pedi with Sinful Colors-Fusion Neon and layered over it with LA Girls Rockstar-Scandal. Scandal is a light purple shimmery sheer so now my chalky flat neon is shimmery and shiny!
I really like this one. I wish it would show I bit truer in the pic. I think in real life it looks much brighter.

And today you get a bonus, fury-friend post. I don't close the door to the bathroom when I shower because we don't have a fan for the steam. This leaves opportunity for Cash to take my clothes and chew on them, whether it be a sock, underwear, slipper, etc. So last night I come out of the shower to find I am missing a slipper. I go out to find it and him and discover he is no longer chewing on it, but instead has swiped a roll of toilet paper! Look how guilty:It's my fault, really. Earlier in the day I gave him an empty TP tube to rip up and I guess he needed more! He just LOOVVES to rip up napkins and paper towels. Shredding is one of his favorite things to do. It's not usually a big deal because it's not really important stuff. What is great is that he knows it's wrong because as soon as I discover him he is rolling over to submit and say sorry, but he does it anyway! He must be in such heaven while he's doing it. He's just thinking "this is worth it".