Snail Slicks Glitters

I have been on a major glitter high lately! I don't know what has gotten into me but I am really into them. I discovered this brand, Snail Slicks, and the only place I could find to buy them was The Supply Source. From their online swatches they looked like they would be super glittery so I ordered a few to see. And they are!

These don't have names unfortunately. They are numbered. I have #40, #30, #48, #61, and #37. All swatches are 3 coats.

#40 - Gold and emerald green glitter in a clear base.
#30 - Emerald green glitter in a clear base.
#48 - Purple and silver glitter in a purple jelly base.

#61-Multi colored, glowy glitter in a light, yellow-green base. Pretty, but not too great alone. Wait until you see how it looks layered.

#37- Magenta and silver glitter in a magenta base. Very pretty. I chose this as my NOTD.

I really like glitter polish when it's a full coverage with no spaces inbetween particles. The illusion of this can at least be achieved if the polish has a colored base, or if it is layered. So I tested out these glitters layered over corresponding colors:Thumb to pinkie: Zoya-Goldie, Rimmel-Camouflage, China Glaze-Harmony, Tropez-Black Satin, NYX-Vel Farre

#40, #30, #48. #61 and #37. The purple and pink didn't really need any boost. I was mostly concered about #40 and #30 because of their clear bases. And check out how awesome #61 looks over black!

Snail Slicks go for $4.00 on The Supply Source, and orders must be a minimum of $25.00. They have all sorts of products including empty bottles if you need some for frankening. One great thing they have is empty mini bottles which I have been looking for. They are 1/8 oz. size and come in a pack of 12 for $4.99. Pretty great.