Nails of the Day for Work

I, long ago, (not that long... say the last year) started thinking about work appropriate nails as I became a "working professional" in January. I figured that I could only wear mauves, pale pinks, off-whites, beige... and so on. That really kept me from looking forward to starting my career! My mind changed a bit about work colors in the fall when I was watching a new episode of The Office when they had Holly as a character and I saw that she had vampy nails. Observe:

That made me think. "I can wear vampy colors to work". Of course I realize this is just a fictional show, however... it made me think. But recently I realized that I don't really have contact with the outside world at work, and as long as I don't have really wild nail art, my bosses don't really seem to care what I do or wear on my nails. They are just nails. Not that they have said anything about it or that I shouldn't have wild nail art, just that I am trying to draw a line myself.
Here are a couple of the manis I wore to work in the past few weeks. What do you think?
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Squarepants over OPI- Alpine Snow

Sally Hansen - Rockstar Pink. I think I have expressed my love for this enough before. That is why it just had to be worn to work.

Sally Hansen - Forsythia

Forsythia with a little Konad.

This one I did for the Konad contest in May. Hence the prop and all. It's KO-Karen (matte finish) stamped with Konad polish in red and using plate M2.

Del Sol - Pretty in Pink with Konad and holo glitter.

Currently I am wearing Del Sol - Heartbreaker, so that will be what I wear at the office Monday morning.

What about you guys? What do you consider work appropriate? If you work with the public or in customer service? If you work in a closed office setting? Do you have a nail dress code at your job?
I have a friend who I like to lend my polishes to and she has to wear neutral colors (boo) but I think it's a bit ridiculous for her position because she serves and bartends on a ship that goes out on the lake and serves lunch and dinner and it's kind of a relaxed party boat. I have been on it... I did the electric slide. So.... ya know.