NOTD: Del Sol - True Love

HI GUYS! I hope you are having a great day! This is my Nail of The Day. It is nice and sunny so I thought it would be appropriate! (Hope I can sneak out to the beach... I have my bathing suit in my bag!!) This is Del Sol - True Love with two coats of LA Girls - Purple Glitter on top. Indoors True Love is a sweet, sugary nude, and outside it is a lovely lilac. And either look looks great with the purple glitter! It isn't a very bold, in your face glitter. The color is soft but I think that makes it perfect for this mani.

Here is a bonus puppy pic I took over the weekend. It's my Cash playing with my boyfriend's parents' dog, Molly. They just love to play together. I was so proud at the action shot I got! Enjoy and have a fabulous summer day! (unless the weather sux where you are. In that case, have a fabulous inside day!)