Perfectly Polished Tips 143 - China Glaze Kicks

In addition to their Summer Days collection China Glaze also released the Kicks collection. It is made up of 12 polishes, some are creme, some shimmer. I wasn't really impressed with this collection, six of the polishes are pink or are close to being pink. I feel like China Glaze could have done so much better or at least added a little more variety. I will give them credit for having two greens and a teal though.

Oh How Street it Is - a burnt orange creme, this is 3 coats
Style Wars - neon-ish orange creme
Breakin' - a light pumpkin-y orange w/ gold shimmer

Sky High Top - sky blue with aqua shimmer
Custom Kicks - teal with gorgeous gold shimmer & my favorite from the collection
Paper Chasing - grassy green with shimmer
Entourage - pastel lime green with shimmer

Fly - magenta with pink and purple shimmer, reminds me of Essie Jewel
It's Poppin' - hot pink with pink shimmer
B-Girlz - slightly lighter hot pink with shimmer
Laced Up - a pepto/bubble gum pink creme

Sneaker Head - neon cherry red

Over all this isn't my favorite collection from China Glaze but I really like their formula and brushes, I can't wait for their fall collection it looks like it has a pretty neat purple.

Kicks is currently available.