Perfectly Polished Tips 144 - Color Club Electro Candy

Neons are quite popular for summer time and I was surprised to see so many companies jump on the neon train. Color Club is another favorite brand of mine. I love their formula and their brushes. I have tiny nail beds so if a brush is thin enough for me to polish with and not get polish all over my fingers I'm going to love it. This collection is made up of 6 shimmery neon colors. What I loved most about this collection was that each polish has a blue sheen to it. I thought that was pretty cool and because usually the neons I have come in contact with have been cremes. These polishes are on the sheer side, I only used 3 coats on the yellow but all of them could have used 3 coats. A trick I learned is to use an opaque white underneath the neons if you don't like the sheer look. Milani Soft White is a good one.

Tangerine Scream - a bright orange w/ blue shimmer. It is truly orange not coral as my photo shows.

Ultra Violet -a bright shimmery purple, this photo shows the blue shimmer

Volt of Light - a super bright yellow, it is extremely sheer

What a Shock - bright kiwi green

Pure Energy - bright blue

Electro Candy - bright pink

Electro Candy is available now.