Sinful Colors - Part 1

I wanted to do a post of some of my Sinful Colors. They are great because they have fun, bold colors and they are readily available at drugstores and only cost $2! Very cool. I have gone out of my way on the way to work many times to pick up a new Sinful or two since I can just get them at Walgreen's.

Cream Pink - Bright, almost neon, pink. It does dry a wee bit matte too. It's lovely because it is bright and interesting, without being too neon. It is just right. I wore this around Christmas time, and my nails were real long, and I had just gotten a new opal ring which really popped against this color, and my boyfriend said it was the best manicure he had ever seen on me! Cool! I must note however, this bottle is very old. I have had it for more years than I can remember, and I have seen Cream Pink lately in stores and it is not the same. It is the same basic shade, but my bottle has a light, gold shimmer and the new one does not. boo.

Fusion Neon - Super bright, neon pink. Dries matte and is a typical chalky neon. It is hot though! I don't believe this is in the usual display rack, but it has been released recently and is in Sinful's Neon Nights display.

Sugar Sugar - Glowy red shimmer. I had to have a glowy red shimmer one day, and I found this was just what I needed. Sorry for the dark looking pic, it's just that the sunshine pic was not color accurate. It showed it way lighter than it really is. My camera does that too reds for some reason.

Irish Green - This color was released around St. Partick's Day, however it is also in stores now in the Neon Nights Collection. It is a jelly-ish neon green and dries only semi-matte. It's about impossible to get this without VNL, but it's still pretty and worth having.

Dream On - This is one of my fave polishes. I was just looking at it today and realized I have to go get a new one as I am half done with it. Super neon purple. More neon than the pic depicts. It dries very matte and is awesome! I have used it for several frankens (to be released as soon as I get my camera back!) which explains why it's so low. It's a very sweet polish.

Courtney Orange - When I swatched this I remembered why I have only half a bottle left. I used this A LOT! I forgot that I loved it so. This is another that I have had forever, but is still available, and does not appear to have had a formula change. It is a beautiful, bright orange with a golden yellow shimmer and is to die for. I can't believe this is a $2 polish.