Sinful Colors - Part 2

I am glad the Sinful post was well received, because I have more!! Today i bring part 2 of the series. Maybe one day I will have a part 3, but for now this will be it.

Dancing Nails - (Shade and then sun pics) This is a warm pink metallic with a shimmer too! Very pretty. Look how it glimmers in the sun! It's beautiful. I wish they had more colors with this finish. I had to leave this one in New York with my sister because she loved it so much! Not a big deal... I can always get another for...$2!!

Rich in Heart - (Sun and then Shade) I think the name of this one is really weird, but the polish is to die for. Vampy and dark but look what the light brings out of it? I fine, red shimmer. When I saw this in the store I thought it was a dark brown until I swatched it. Can't take your eyes off this one.

San Francisco - Looooove this color. I think this pic is not as accurate as in real life. It's more amazing and magical in real life. This one has a bitch drying time though. Even with Seche Vite. I don't know how that is possible. Just have to be careful not to dent it for a while, but I think it's worth it.

Show me the Way - AAAhhh! I love this color. It makes me feel okay that I don't have the amazing, elusive China Glaze - Moonpool. This is probably better. I love a dirty green and this has that glass-fleck shimmer too. It is a thief of hearts.

And now some glitter! :c)

Hottie - Shown over black and alone. This is a sheer blue, with large hex glitter and smaller, round-square glitter that is iridescent and mostly show colors of red, green and blue. HOTT!!! It is a hottie. I only got this a few weeks ago. I ignored her for so long because I didn't think I cared for glitter, or for sheers. I was wrong!!! Look at that layered shot!! Crazy. Note: this is shown without a topcoat, so it looks a bit rough, but this glitter looks very thin, so I'm sure that a coat of SV would even it out nicely.

Out of this World - Shown over black and alone. I got this one because it reminded me of Milani-Glitzy Stars. It is similar. I think Milani's flashes more color, but this is beautiful because it is so dense and such a fine glitter/shimmer. It is like very finely ground glass (if you wanted to grind glass finely...that might be weird) The pic is only 1 coat. Now that I say that I wish I did two to show you the comparison of two and one. S**t.

Paris - Shown alone and over Rich in Heart. This is a smaller particle gold glitter and covers nicely in two coats. This is another that had to stay in New York for the other sister!