All The Way From Israel

Check out what the lovely Tuli (author of Tuli's Nail Polish & stuff) sent me from Israel!! These are beautiful! Above: Perfect CHIC - 314, Revlon, Autumn Berry, unnamed purple/gold glitter, unnamed gold/green glitter

Perfect CHIC - 314 ... This color rocks! That's about it!! It is a super smooth, easy to apply bright pinkish red creme. This swatch DOES NOT have a top coat on! GORGEOUS! I have big plans for this in the Illamasqua Alter Ego nail art contest.

Revlon - Autumn Berry ... This shade is a warm blackberry color with gold shimmer!! So my style! I love it!

These unnamed polishes crack me up! I am used to nameless colors, but no brand? How awesomely bizarre! The above shots are in sun, then shade, of a smooth, fine particle silver/gold/lavender glitter! It's so unique! I love this and I decided to name it Tuli, since it is sweet like her!

This one. Oh man. This one. This color was made for me. I don't know why it would be made and then put on rack in a store in Israel, so far from me, but it was made for me. GOLD AND GREEN? GLITTER??!!! It is unreal how much I love this. Tuli posted about this color here, and I commented that I loved it so she sent me one! It came from a shop that apparently makes their own glitter colors. Well they do a damn fine job! Tuli says it reminds her of diamonds, martinis, and cocktail parties! I think it reminds me of sunken gold treasure found in the Carribean! SO I am calling this Sunken Treasure. This has different shaped gold glitter and I think silver glitter too, and has this incredible seafoam green color. It is so beautiful. I will treasure this baby forever, Tuli!!