Elaine's Frankens 2009

I recently got the bug to mix up some frankens (polishes you make by mixing 2 or more colors together). It all began when I received Misa-Pour Me Something Tall & Strong. While wearing it I thought the dark blue color and jelly consistency would make a good base for a Essie-Starry Starry Night dupe. So I made it (it's not really a dupe though. Just based on it). And then I had another idea for Pour Me Something, and then I had more ideas that didn't contain that polish at all. And I kept mixing and mixing! And over about 2 days, I had a whole new franken collection! So here they are:

Mercy, Berry Hot Berry, Swimmin' With Flipper, Yowza, Sweet Pea and Space Quest

Mercy - Shown in sun and shade. The original concept of this was just to make a gray creme with white and black. But then I had a great idea to make it bizzare and different, so I added Color Club - Object of Envy, a dense green glitter polish, and then a little clear to jelly it up and let the glitter show. It's definitly different.

Berry Hot Berry - Shown without and with topcoat. This polish is exactly half Sinful Colors - Dream On and Tropez - Salsa. I like it because of the neon properties and the fact that it dries semi-matte, but it's just not as hot as I thought it'd be on the nail. Only a slight dissapointment; I still like it. I also like the hint of shimmer that comes from Salsa. Plus this is a cheap franken. Salsa cost $1 and Dream On was $2.

Swimmin' With Flipper - This came out just like it should have: a blue, gray creme. This is white creme, an unnamed gunmetal shimmer, and a few drops of Essie - Mesmerize.

Yowza - Shown without and with topcoat. This is hott! I love the matte finish thanks to the neons in it. But it's not really neon. It's just a nice bright purple creme. LOVE. It's mostly Misa - Pour Me Something Tall & Strong and Sinful Colors - Dream On with a litte bit of Misa - Blue Over a Boy.

Sweet Pea - I wrote about wanting a dirty green like this back when I did this post. And it looks like I figured it out! It's mostly Sally Hansen - Forsythia, L'Oreal - Shocking Green, and a few drops of black creme to dirty it up. This is the 2nd favorite of the bunch.

Space Quest - And here is the favorite! It's dark blue base, with blue and holo glitter. When I looked at it when it was complete I felt like I was flying through deep space, hence the name. It's mostly Misa - Pour Me Something Tall & Strong, Color Club - Sexy Siren, Color Club - Magic Attraction, some clear and some black to darken it up. It's incredible. Try and find a color like this!

And a bonus pic! Since you guys asked about my tattoo on my foot:

It's a devilish fairy with a fire-ball thing. I drew up something similar when I decided I wanted a fairy on my foot, and since I'm not much of an artist the tattoo artist put together something close and better! And here she is! She is lude and nude! And green! My favorite color! And I'm sure you guys noticed the flower on my toe on the other foot:

These are the only tattoos I have on my whole body. Don't know yet if I'll get anymore.

So what do you think of my frankens?

You can make them all too!!