Sinful Colors - HD Nails

So I said after my last Sinful post I wouldn't have more... well I lied! I have THREE more posts to do for you! Today is the first, and I am calling these "The Hi-Def Collection". They aren't really part of a hi-def collection, I just thought of grouping them as such for myself since they all have this glow to them and they really pop! Here they are:

HD Nails - This one started the hi-def idea thanks to the name. It is a perfect green. It makes me think of Piggy Polish - Lily's Pad. I call this one "Froggy Green".

Let's Talk - This is a very bright, glowy purple. It is very pigmented and almost makes it in one coat. Very unusual for Sinful's, I know! It reminds me of a beloved Sinful I have had forever, Fiji, that is so sheer that it always takes 4 coats no matter how hard I try. Let's Talk has trumped Fiji as my go to purple, no doubt about it. It is hott!

Canary Yellow - Straight forward name. Perfect. Glowy bold yellow shimmer. Very nice.

Midnight Blue - I love this!! Another one that glows crazy. Royal blue shimmer. I wore this one all weekend until someone came begging to be worn (cough*scrangie*cough). I loooove it!

I would like to say in defense of Sinful Colors, a few things. First, Sinful Colors have a tendency to be sheer. Well, all of these, as well as the rest I have shown you and plan to show you, are not. Every one of these swatches was 2 coats. And they were not 2 thick, globby coats either. They were regular ol' coats. Second, Sinful has been known to have a problem with drying. I know San Franciso took a day and a half even with Seche Vite. Well, I wore Midnight Blue to test this, and I can report that not only did it dry well on its own, but with Seche Vite it was unstoppable. I was in a major rush trying to get to a hair appointment after I painted my nails. I slapped on my Seche and waiting as long as I could, which was not long at all, and proceeded to get dressed. I was digging through purses trying to find things, smashing my nails on everything and I had not. one. ding. It was truly remarkable. So if you are worried about these issues, I say fear no more! It looks like Sinful Colors is upping their game, and that is awesome. I love them already, but now there is more to love. They cost about $2 and you can find a ridiculously wide color selection just about everywhere and now to know the formula is on top... Well that is good s*it.