Sinful colors - Shimmers

Hello! Today I have more Sinful Colors swatches to share! These are all the new shimmers that I bought:

Merlot - This is a deep red shimmer. I think the name is misleading because I wouldn't call this a "wine" color. Just a dark red.

Wicked Mind - My bottle is labeled "Wicket Mind" but I am going to assume they meant "Wicked". "Wicket" is not a word. (Wicket is a word! I looked it up before and didn't get anything and I must have spelled it wrong -


1. a window or opening, often closed by a grating or the like, as in a door, or forming a place of communication in a ticket office, a teller's cage in a bank, etc.
2. Croquet. a hoop or arch.

So maybe this is supposed to be "Wicket Mind" after all. I don't know. Sorry for the rant!) Anyway, this is a mauve creme with a subtle silver shimmer. It is very pigmented. I can't really explain why I was attracted to this one. It is so unlike colors that I usually buy. Maybe that is why. I like it.

Social Ladder - This is a very very pretty soft white shimmer that is has a hint of pink. I may have done three coats for this one. I really don't remember. I think this one is worth it though. It is delicate, but not boring at all. It is gorgeous.

Night at The Barbados - Another goofy name. I am assuming it should be "Night At Barbados", but maybe not. Maybe The Barbados is a club or something. Anyway, this is a very cool, icy blue shimmer.

See You Soon - Black-blue base with deep blue shimmer. Pretty as heck!

Stay tuned for the final installment of these new Sinfuls tomorrow!