About Lippmann Collection's New Glitter/Sequin Polishes

I found an interesting blog post from Deborah Lippmann herself, explaining her new hexagonal sequin polishes:


I was very interested in this since I have reviewed the colors in question on my blog, including Funky Chunky and Marquee Moon, and they are some of the most unique polishes ever. Since they are so unique, I assumed that the application was to be unique. I was wrong.

For Funky Chunky, which is the black that comes in the Anniversary Set, Deborah explains that it is supposed to be sheer, with the black sequins showing through. I stated that I thought texture was the key to this one, because as you can see in my swatch, I did one coat (albeit a thick one) and it is not sheer. Even if I did a thin sheer coat, I like the way I applied it better. I am not into sheers, but I am into the look I achieved with my opaque thick coat. Also, if it is meant to be sheer, than the formula should have been just like Ruby Red Slippers. That polish has a nice thin, smooth, sheer black base and allows to be applied nicely no matter how many coats you wish to put on: 1, 2, 3... you can build the coats to achieve the right color for you. It works and looks beautiful. So why aren't the formulas the same?

For Marquee Moon, (which I adore) I said that my only gripe was that the sequins are random, so you have to try to get them on your nails. Deborah says, "dont TRY to make the 'sequins'' come out and look the same on each nail". I agree with the look of having every nail different. That is one of the many reasons I gave as to why I liked it. I do think that it takes effort to get the sequins just on the nail at all though. I want them different, but I don't want any sequin-less.

I thought this would be interesting to pass along since these colors are hot right now, and have brought up much conversation and questions. They need a bit of explaining and now we have the answers straight from the creator.