Evening Twinkler - An Essie Starry Starry Night dupe

I did it. I finally did it! I made an Essie - Starry Starry Night look alike. I frankened the franken of all frankens. I think I did a damn good job! Sorry to toot my own horn and all but I think it's pretty close.

The idea hit me when I purchased LA Colors - Silver Glitter. It is a clear base with silver glitter. To me it looked like it might be a match for the glitter in SSN. It was small and silver, and not holographic/prismatic, and not too small... it seemed like a match. Now for the blue part. That hit me when I got my hands on the new Wet n Wild Craze colors. I purchased Nocturnal, and it seemed to me to have a bit of a jelly consistency, despite being dark. I didn't think it would work out to well to mix them at first, to be honest, (plus I was concerned about using my Nocturnal since it was so small) so I just layered them. Here is the results:

On the first and middle fingers I used just one coat of Nocturnal and on the ring finger I used 2. I wanted to see how it compared because I was concerned that 2 coats would be too black. It actually looks okay, but nothing compares to how it looks when I mixed Silver Glitter and Nocturnal together:(make sure to click the picture for the enlarged size!)

Yeah.... I really, really have to pat myself on the back for this one. I do not have, nor have ever seen Starry Starry Night in person, but I think this looks pretty darn close. This is absolutely quelling my need for this elusive, beautiful polish. I've named it Evening Twinkler.

I started with an empty mini bottle, but soon realized this would need a larger bottle. After purchasing a replacement Nocturnal, I emptied a full size clear Wet n Wild and filled it with half Silver Glitter and half of Nocturnal. I must tell you too, that this was the best franken I have ever made formula-wise. It is soooo smooth and these two polishes mix together VERY easily and without balls. It took about 5 seconds. I have never seen polish mix so easily and apply so easily after being mixed. I strongly recommend everyone makes this!!! It is so cheap and easy. And if you want it a little bit darker (which I may) {nah. I like it just fine!!} you can a couple of drops of a black creme polish to darken it.

Wet N Wild - Nocturnal can be found in drugstores, and I found my LA Colors - Silver Glitter in a small independent beauty store, but I have also seen it on Cherry Culture.

Happy frankening!