My Alter Ego-Gunslinger

My alter ego is the person I want to become.
She is a braver, gunsliging version of me.
She doesn't hold back.
She loads, cocks and fires.

I have a boyfriend who loves guns and has some. I had never been around guns before he came along, so I was horrified. He has gotten me more aquainted with them, and we have gone shooting together, but I am still scared and take my time, and shake when it's time to pull the trigger. I wish I didn't give a damn, and could pull the slide with authority and let it rip. My alter ego is that girl that lets it rip.

For this look I used:

Zoya - Dovima
Essie - Matte About You
Konad Plates M3, M28
China Glaze - Awaken
China Glaze - Devotion
LA Colors Art Deco - Black
Black Rhinestones