Urbay Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit Swatches

As soon as I saw that Urban Decay was releasing nail polish for the holidays I knew I would buy them. What I didn't know, was that they were releasing this cute set of 7 shades! I thought there would be only one or two colors. I am so excited! I love them all, and I love the packaging:

They come in a metallic purple zip pouch, and I have been thinking this would make a great gift.

White Widow - This was the selling point for me. I really liked all the colors, but I rushed to click "buy" a lot faster for this one. It is a gray-white with silver shimmer, and it goes on like butter! I love whites, and this one is one of my favorites.

Gunmetal - The second I got this out of the box and looked at it, it looked brown to me and not really gunmetal-gray. But I have changed my mind. It is gray, but a brown gray. Brown-gray shimmer. This was the only one that I was not a fan of, formula wise. It gave me a few bald spots.

Apocalypse - This one is like OPI-Lincoln Park After Dark: It's a really hott, super black, purple creme, but it just pretty much looks black with two coats. Luckily the formula of this is so wonderfully super smooth, it allowed me to do a nice one coater to show the true color of it.

Grunge - I am so torn on what this color is! I can't even think about it. As soon as I decide it's green, I say, "noooo, it's blue. But.... it's green!" And it's not a typical teal. I went back to the Urban Decay website to get the link for these, and found their description for this polish: "metallic peacock". I like that! Very fitting, since the shimmer flashes blue and purple and therefore, looks peacock.

Meltdown - Royal purple shimmer. Gorgeous.

Big Bang - Hot pink foil. I looove this one. Very hott, opaque and metallic-shiny.

Fbomb - Bright, brick-red creme, this swatch is only one coat!! These are incredible.

And since I have been on a matte kick, I did a quick shiny/matte comparison using Essie - Matte About you matte finisher.

I especially like White Widow, Grunge, Big Bang and Fbomb matte.

The set can be purchased online at Urban Decay and goes for $26. The bottles are not standard half ounce (15 mL) size. They are 0.17 oz (5 mL).