Autumn Glitter Gradient

I am finally bring you the manicure that I have been super excited about. And I am bringing it from Washington DC as I am traveling for work! I'm on the road again!

It is a glitter gradient and it seems pretty fall-like to me. I started with a black base using Tropez - Black Satin, my absolute favorite black. (It is opaque in ONE COAT and it cosst ONE DOLLAR!) I then used Sinful Colors - All About You and started painting further from the cuticle than where the black started. Then I did another coat of All About You and started up further than the first coat. I then grabbed my orange glitter, Jade - Volcanic Lava and did the same application further up still. I finished it off with a coat of Color Club - Art of Seduction, a very dense red glitter, on the tips. And voila! Glitter Gradient!

And of course, I had to see it matte: