Glitter Trimmed Vampy Nails

So last night I was sitting with a friend and we had a bunch of polish out, and I grabbed her Massini - Magic Attraction (same as Color Club - Magic Attraction if you don't have access to Massini Nail Polish) and I painted just the tippy tip of my nails on one hand. No idea what made me do it. I just wanted to put it on something and since I already had my nails covered in Konad and rhinestones, it just ended up there. And I really liked it! It hit me that it would probably look great with a dark color painted on the nail. So I went home and re-did my mani while watching the Dancing with the Stars I had recorded, and came up with this little combo:

I used Sinful Colors - Rich in Heart with Color Club - Magic Attraction on the tippys. I didn't paint the underside, or the nail tip as you would a typical french manicure. I did just the perpendicular edge to those surfaces. That itty bitty thin edge. Just the tip. See how it feels.

It feels just like the icing on the cake. The icing detail, that maybe you didn't really need, but it gives it something special. I'm going to have fun looking at this all day!