Jade Glitter Swatches

Hey there! How are we all doing this Monday!? This Monday that is a holiday for most here in the US except me! I am at work! I could have used today off. I am still a bit hungover from Saturday's shenanigans! That is not fair. You need not be hungover for more than one day! Anyway, today I bring some interesting glitters from Jade. These are my first Jade polishes. You don't see them very much. I stumbled on them online one day so I took a chance and ordered a few. Here's what I got:

Gold Flakes - This is a horribly misleading name. This is not a flake polish. It is gold glitter in a sheer, shimmery gold base.

Asteroid Caress - Magenta glitter in a clear base. What a strange name! It makes me picture asteroids caressing people floating in space, or people being caressed on an asteroid. Lots of interesting imagery...

Charm Illusion - Lime green glitter in a clear base. It kind of looks gold at first glance.

Volcanic Lava - Deep orange glitter in a clear base. This is the one I used as the middle color on the glitter gradient in my previous post. I really love the color of this glitter, but I wish that it covered completely. This was 3-4 coats and still shows plenty nail. That is the case with all of these, actually.

I purchased these at 123nailsupply.com and they were $1.25 each. These do not have the best coverage, but look great layered, or would make great frankening colors. Especially since they are so inexpensive.