Maybelline Poptimistic

What a great unexpected find while grocery shopping! A new collection from Maybelline called "Poptimistic". I didn't even know it existed and there it was while I was picking up food! I was super excited. The display had spots for 5 colors: a green (!!!), a gray, a smokey blue, a shimmery white, and I am assuming a purple, since the display picture has purple nails, but it was sold out. I picked up two:

Opti-mist-ic - This is a warm gray with a subtle silver shimmer, and a more pronouned orangey-copper shimmer. Very interesting and beautiful. I wore this a ton! Sometimes I looked at it and thought it had a lilac look to it. It must have been the lighting, but still cool.

Glad to be Green! - This is a yellow-forest green that makes me think of crocodiles or going on safari. It is soooooooo hott!! Green is my favorite color, and I have a lot of green nail polish, but this is hands down my favorite. It is mezmerizing and perfect. I love this!!

Happy hump day!