Maybelline Vanishing Venus

Hello! I had a really great post of my manicure this past weekend planned, but I left the pics at home so I can't post them right now and I wanted to put up something! So today I bring you a pretty color from Maybelline. It is called Vanishing Venus. I borrowed it from a friend. I was so intrigued by it because I went to her place one day with Rescue Beauty Lounge - Scrangie on and couldn't wait to see her reaction because it is so unique. She looks at my nails and says "Is that Maybelline?" Are you serious?! Maybelline does not make a color that is a dupe of Scrangie. So I had to borrow it and see. It is definitely not a dupe, but I see where she was going. Scrangie is more of a blue-purple-lilac with a blue-green shimmer, and Vanishing Venus is a deep plum-eggplant color with a more green shimmer. I don't know if this color is discontinued, but I have never seen it in stores. But you can just add it to the hard-to-find shades you are going to hunt for! There are dupes to this color, however they are hard-to-find too. There is Urban Decay - Bruised and NYX - Grafitti. I was most exicited to learn about Grafitti and rushed over to NYX's website to find it but instead found that Grafitti is now what looks like a gray-white shimmer. Boo. I really hate the interchanging of names/colors that NYX does. Not cool.

And I will post the awesome weekend mani I had on either later today or tomorrow!