POST TO COME Thanks to Christy!

Today I want to show off some new polishes I received. I would looooove to swatch them all since I am home, but there is absolutely no sun and these are too glittery and gorgeous to shoot without sunlight. So I took some bottle shots to tease you until we get some sunshine!

These awesome sets are in my possession only because there is a wonderful girl out in Virgina who sent them to me. And that girl is the adorable, bad-ass, wonderful CHRISTY of The Kronicles of a Konad-er! I am quite certain they only sell these in Rite-Aid stores and I don't have those here. Boo. But Christy does so she sent them my way! I actually only asked for one but she sent me both!! That was pretty awesome! THANK YOU, GIRL!!

EDIT: According to Brooke of Getcha Nails Did, these are elsewhere besides Rite-Aid. She saw them at Walgreen's, so keep your eyes peeled!

These Borghese mini nail polish sets don't have names for the individual polishes, but the sets themselves have names.

First up is Allegra:

And the second one is Serena:
I will swatch and post them as soon as possible!!