China Glaze Specialty Polishes

Hello all! I are you all getting ready for Thanksgiving?! (To those in the US!) I am going to get to work on that as soon as I can, but I still have to work work work! And I have to bring you some nail pics, don't I?

Today I thought I would show you the handful of China Glaze Specialty Glitters that I have. The specialty glitters are the ones recently released that were 50 limited edition colors. I wanted to get as many as possible before I posted them but I haven't gotten around to getting more yet so I will just show off what I got!

Medallion - This is awesome! This polish has gold glitter, and tons of different sized holographic glitter suspended in a clear base. I just wish the coverage was better. This swatch was 4 coats.

Atlantis - This is a turquoise jelly polish filled with mono-sized holographic glitter. Gorgeous! It's like swimming in the Caribbean with the sun shining through the water giving off flashes of the rainbow. This swatch is 3 coats.

Dreamsicle - This is a creamsicle-orange packed with iridescent glitter that flashes orange, green, blue and purple. With a topcoat it is decently smooth.

Meteor Shower - I love the base of this dark blue. It is like a dark denim that pulls slightly purple, like Naturistics - Crystal Blue Pearl. The glitter is the iridescent type in Dreamsicle, but this one doesn't look smooth even with a big thick coat of Seche Vite top coat. It still looks lumpy. I would still wear it. Maybe I should try another layer or two of top coat.

Ginger - This is a smooth, well pigmented, burnt orange with small and larger but more sparse, holographic glitter. This picture is slightly blurred to show the holo goodness!

Have a great day and a nice holiday!