Essie - Mint Candy Apple, Winter '09


Essie's winter collection this year has 3 shades to choose from (or not chose... just get them all!) and they have a candy theme: Lollipop, Rock Candy and Mint Candy Apple. The one that I really wanted was of course the green one! I was actually nervous about it because I didn't know if maybe it would be to blue, or too pastel and look really stark. But it did not disappoint me! I love it. It's green, and bright and gorgeous! I have been on a major kick lately to get MAC-Peppermint Patti, which is of course next to impossible and I keep failing so I have to find other mint greens to quell the want.

I was wondering, though, about the existence of an actual mint candy apple. It seemed to me more that Essie wanted a green, so they made up some kind of candy that would be green. Although, there are a whole lot of other green candies to pick from.

I had to know if such a thing existed. And whattaya know, I found it!

It's called a "Green Mint Drizzle Apple" and you can find it on Christina's Candy Apples.

That website looks dangerous. They also have Snickers and Oreo candy apples:
I'm in trouble! Can't. control. the. sweet. tooth....