First Post!

Hi all!

I hail from Singapore. Typical Singaporean chinese girl. I am constantly looking at nail polish blogs and I feel great envy when I realise that most of the pretty pretty colours (ie brands) are not sold here.

I'm a nail polish newbie. I stopped biting my nails 8 months ago and I have never looked back. (Except on the odd stressful work day ^^) I only have about 40 colours and I have just discovered konading.

Please excuse the state of my dry cuticles. I must remember to use my hand cream.

So I hope you guys enjoy this. Whoever is reading.

I'll also occasionally throw in the odd makeup picture.

Soooooooo, I shall stop babbling and I hope you like this!

PS It's also a good way to procastinate doing paperwork (^,^)