Gargantuan Green Grape Matte: How Does it Compare to the Original?

Hello all! When OPI released their Matte collection my emotions were all over the place. It was one of the first matte collections we got during the summer, when all the matte collex were coming out, so I was excited. Then I saw they were re-releases of past colors, so I was sad. Then I saw swatches and I was confused. These didn't even look like the originals! The one that I was most befuddled by was Gargantuan Green Grape. This was one of my first ever OPI polishes when my addiction to polish first started forming years ago. It was very odd and unique in my collection; precisely why I bought it. It is a very yellow, light green with a jelly-ish finish that I just adore. When I saw the first swatch of GGG Matte, I could tell this was nothing like the original. I needed to see them swatched side by side. Michelle of ALU did some nice comparisons of the entire collection against their originals, but she didn't have the original GGG. Well I got the matte version for myself so I could finally see it and get it out of my system!

Well looky, looky! I was right. They are totally not the same shade. And the matte GGG doesn't even look like anything you'd want to wear anyway, even if it is a nice green. The finish is just too lumpy. It is very hard to apply this one smoothly. It is way too thick and chalky. Perhaps I will try it with a matte topcoat. *sigh*