Lippmann Collection Winter

For winter collections I usually picture lots of reds for the holidays and dark, vampy colors. Lippmann Collection's winter colors are none of the above, and that is okay with me! The two polishes for the winter set include one of the most exciting glitters ever, and the most incredible, glowing duochrome I have ever seen. Behold...Wicked Game & Happy Birthday

Wicked Game - This is an insanely obvious duochrome. I would call the base a gray-lavender, with a very very strong pink-purple flash, that my camera really could not pick up. It is much more intense than my pictures depict. It glows a magical glow. I think it is made of magic. And every turn brings out something else: blue, green, aqua, lilac... it is very mesmerizing, and much more interesting than I thought it would be. Again, it is much better in real life than in my pictures.

Happy Birthday - I knew I would love this one! I am a big fan of multi-colored glitter combos, and this had just about every color in it! And I love the shape variations. It has red, blue, yellow, orange, green, fuschia, silver, and baby blue glitter in hexagons and little squares. It is shown in my swatch alone, and over black, in 3 coats.

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