Nfu-Oh #40

Whoops!!! Wardrobe malfunction!!!

Okay okay. It wasn't a malfunction. I confess. I did it on purpose because I am just so pround of my little nails! They make me so happy! Look how they grow!

I never actually had too much trouble with the growing part. It was more the not breaking part. Now that I keep my nails polished and use strengthening base coats I have a lot less breakage.

On to the polish!

Today I am bringing you an Nfu-Oh nail polish; #40. It is what is called "flakie". It has these thin, opalescent flakes that shine several different colors. Nfu-Oh - #40 is a clear base with flakes from different shades of green to all sorts of shades of blue. It reminds me of the tropical blue ocean and of swimming in a warm, secluded lagoon or cove. It doesn't have the same effect by itself but if it is layered it is out of this world. For these swatches I have it layered over black.


Here are some shots of the greatest thing to ever happen to flakie nail polish: a matte topcoat:

Oh, the magic that is Nfu-Oh