NOTD - Love Your Life

I know this is very Valentine's Day-esque, but I guess I was in a lovey-dovey mood! This is Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar (Ones of my favorite reds) topped off with Nicole by OPI - Love Your Life, a clear with iridescent glitter and pink hearts suspended, much like the Nicole I showed you recently here, Let's Get Star-ted.

I saw Love Your Life on sale at Walgreen's and screamed "mine!" and bought it. I later checked out the name and I loved it even more! It's so positive. I have to sometimes remind myself to be happy. You know how sometimes you're just in a rut, or down or blue? And you get those "my life sux" thoughts? Well, if you don't that is really awesome, but if you do, I feel ya. It may seem silly to think a nail polish can change your mood or day but a positive little message like that does help!

Have a wonderful day!