China Glaze OMG! Collection

Like yesterday's post, this one contains attention-taking holographic/prismatic polishes! These are from the China Glaze OMG! collection which has 12 bright colored holo polishes. I only have four to show you, though. The OMG! collection is different from the Kaleidoscopes because the holographic particles are not as gritty looking or irregularly shaped in the OMGs. They are more uniform. Also, the base colors of the OMG polishes are more bold, where the Kaleidoscopes are softer. Also, I needed 3 coats with the Kalaiedoscopes, but only 2 with the OMGs. Onto the swatches!--->

DV8 - Teal holo. Sun and shade. This is so hott! And you can still pick up some holo even in the shade.

TMI - Salmon pink holo. Sun and shade. The holo is a little less pronounced than the other ones in this post. I wish it was summer so I could put this on my toes!

LOL - Royal purple holo. Sun and shade.

2NITE - Periminkle holo. I adore the base color of this one and like, DV8, you can still pick up some holo in the shade.

So I posted my Kaleidoscopes and OMG! colors. Could I pick between the 2 collections? I don't think so. I like them both the same! Most of the colors in this collection, like the Kaleidoscopes, have been discontinued (sorry I don't know which ones! I was just told "most") so if you want them, get them while you can! They won't be around forever!